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The Boom of the Fishing Tourism Industry

According to the website Future Market Insights, the global tourism industry is worth a staggering $10.5 trillion and growing. Among the most visited destinations are France and Spain, which offer plenty of natural beauty and developed cities with a food culture to match. In one sector of the tourism industry, explores the factors driving the boom of the fishing tourism industry, including the allure of nature, advanced tools like pool aerators, and the influence of social media. The piece also highlights leading fishing destinations globally, offering insights for enthusiasts planning their next adventure.

An Increasing Social Influence

As it stands, the fishing tourism industry is worth $72 billion per year, a number that is expected to triple in the coming decade. The numbers speak for themselves, and we can see fishing’s increasing influence across mainstream popular culture. Countless social media accounts exist with influencers documenting their fishing trips, while television is awash with shows like Deadliest Catch and Wicked Tuna, which offer an insight into life at sea. The influence can be seen in the gambling industry too, with casinos offering games like fishin frenzy slot to bring the increasingly popular industry to the digital world. With that said, what is behind the increasing popularity and where do those looking for the best fishing holidays go?

Growth Factors

One reason behind the rise of the fishing tourism industry is a preference among tourists for an activity. More and more people are choosing to leave behind the city and spend their time, mostly on tours, doing something different like fishing, trekking, or other adventure sports. With many tourists working and living in highly urbanized and industrialized cities or areas, the attraction of being close to nature has increased.

Technology, especially social media, have made fishing trips or even one-day excursions much more accessible. Travel companies can offer trips to remote locations, while would-be travelers have to access Facebook or Instagram to get a feel for what to expect, with influencers detailing their day-to-day fishing activites. Another reason behind the recent success of the fishing tourism industry is the diversification of activities by fishermen into areas such as eco-tourism.

Favorite Destinations

The United States leads the way in market share, with nearly a quarter of fishing tourism taking place there. Major tour operators in North America offer a wide range of activities for tourists to partake in including fly fishing, saltwater fishing, and big game fishing, to name a few. The type of fish a visitor chooses then affects where they go and what type of fish they can catch.

A further quarter is shared between Australia, Japan, and Germany. with each destination offering one of the must-haves of a fishing holiday: warm weather. India is another country that holds a large market share at 16%. The long coastline and many rivers make the country an ideal destination, and one that is cheaper to travel through than other locations.

Photos of amateur fishermen have become memes in recent years, but the figures behind the fishing tourism industry prove that it is no joke. It is a trip that many would love to go on and projected figures for the next decade indicate it won’t be a shortlived trend either.