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The Data Security Risks While Traveling (and How To Remain Cyber Safe)

In today’s digital age, cybersecurity has become an integral part of both companies and individuals. Each year, the number of cybercrime cases continues to rise along with its long-term negative effects. Companies spend millions of dollars to recover from the damages that cybercrime entails. This is especially more worrying if you are traveling abroad. Tech experts believe that individuals and their organizations put their cybersecurity more at risk when traveling. Given the wide number of threats, it is important to be vigilant and extra cautious when you are traveling. Discover more about the data security risks you can avoid and how you can remain safe from cyber crimes while traveling.

Public WiFi Access

It may be tempting to connect to free public wifi while traveling. However, before you do, so think again. Connecting to public wifi puts you in a vulnerable position against hackers. Hackers can easily acquire access to your device when you are connected to a public network. This is very alarming as this will put sensitive information saved in your device at risk. From confidential work emails and documents, all of these may be easily acquired by a hacker You will also be more likely exposed to worm attacks and malware sharing. 

Outdated Public Computers

While traveling, it may be convenient to use publicly accessible computers provided by hotels, cafes, and other establishments. However, it is best to avoid these devices, especially if you intend to access sensitive information over the internet. Using these outdated and unsecured computers can often lead to data breaches and other forms of cybercrimes. That is why legal experts from revisionlegal.com recommend having a data breach response plan in place even before it happens. The reason behind this is because data breaches and other cases of cybersecurity risks can happen anytime, especially if you are using a computer running on outdated software. In fact, it does not even have to be a publicly shared computer. Even your own device that does not have the latest software and security updates can put your data security at risk.


Did you know that travelers are often the target of theft? If you are attending a conference or staying in a hotel, thieves may easily be on the lookout for your unattended devices. Studies have found that mealtimes and unsecured hotel rooms are often broken into by thieves who are eyeing devices that contain sensitive information. If you do not want to be part of the growing number of theft and robbery while traveling it is best to keep your devices safe when you are not using them. Always be cautious about the places you store your equipment in, especially if it contains confidential information about your work or organization.

Fake Public Charging Station

When you are traveling, it may be tempting to plug your device that is running on a low battery in a nearby charging station. However, you should be aware that there are many fake public charging stations, nowadays, and charging your device in these fake setups can lead to data breaches. This is a huge problem as connecting your device to these phony charging stations can let hackers gain access to your private information. To avoid being a victim of this fraud, it is best to use your own power bank while traveling. If this is not possible, it is also smart to purchase a USB add-on that blocks data access when plugging into a power outlet. Bringing your own cable is also advisable and it is always a good idea to verify the power source before plugging in your device.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Leaving your Bluetooth connection on and discoverable while you are in public can also put your cybersecurity at risk. Just like connecting to public wifi, hackers may easily transfer malware to your device via Bluetooth. Leaving it on, especially while abroad, lets you become vulnerable prey to hacking and other cybersecurity attacks. The creepy thing is people can even track you silently if you leave your Bluetooth device turned on. Just like public network hacking, Bluetooth jacking is fairly common that is why it is important to stay vigilant at all times.

There are many ways for your data security to be put at risk. Given the cost and gravity of damage that data breaches can bring about, it is important to be vigilant and aware of the best practices in promoting cybersecurity. Although cyber crimes are common, they can be prevented. This is why you need to always stay up to date when it comes to data security news and updates to ensure that you are one step ahead of the game.


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