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The Great Desert Race in Mexico

This challenge is different; it'll be an encounter with yourself full of adrenaline and strength

Man running in desert

On October 22th and 23th of 2022, a competition like no other will take place in Mexico: The Great Desert Race. An Ultra Trail where some of the best athletes of more than 10th countries will participate.

This challenge is different; it’ll be an encounter with yourself full of adrenaline and strength, where we get deep into the salt paths of the ancestors, a magical place that get through the dunes of the Great Altar Desert to then find the sea breeze of the paradisiac Cortes’s Sea in Puerto PeƱasco (Rocky Point) in Sonora, Mexico. You’ll also get the chance to camp below a breathtaking sky full of stars. A unique experience you should live.

Rocky Point is the scenery of a competition never seen before on the country where the runners can sign up on any of the 4 distances that get through espectacular natural views that will amaze you with their beauty awakening your adventure spirit: Beach Fun Run (10K), Beach & Desert Run (25K), Mega Desert Run (50K) and Ultra Trail (75K).

Save the date for October 22th and 23th for The Great Desert Race, in collaboration with the Government of Sonora and the support of the Department of tourism Federal and State. This event looks to promote the sport and grow the tourism in the area yet unexplored for most of the people outside the country, but with an important potential.

Pack your bags and test your limits!

Sign up today to any of the 4 distances available at