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The Islands of Tahiti Announces the Launch of the Pick Your Paradise Campaign

Image by vmzelius

The Pick Your Paradise promotional campaign has launched nationally to entice travellers to learn about and explore the many facets of The Islands of Tahiti.

The Pick Your Paradise campaign is an opportunity to highlight the well-known Society and Tuamotu Islands, but also the lesser known Austral and Marquesas Islands. This far reaching campaign reveals wonders beyond the classic itinerary that only includes Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora, inviting visitors to go deeper, go farther and go together to these exotic and untouched places. This campaign is a series of videos deployed globally in nine languages reaching a wide international audience.

In addition to the diversity of islands, it is also an opportunity through this campaign to highlight the plethora of experiences that can be had in The Islands of Tahiti. Thirty-six activities are highlighted in this new campaign, from the most adventurous with parasailing or visiting the beautiful caves of Rurutu, to more cultural experiences such staying at a Tahitian Guesthouse or attending a workshop to learn how to make a traditional tapa cloth or hei.

Pick Your Paradise will invite visitors to take an interactive visual tour of The Islands of Tahiti. Using the multiple dualities that The Islands of Tahiti present, the user is guided in a series of adventures, cultural experiences and family activities.

This visual experience aims to encourage users to turn their virtual tour into a real journey. The user can then choose to combine their activities into a video for sharing on social media and book their custom itinerary through a Certified Tahiti Specialist.  Visit the Pick Your Paradise microsite at https://tahititourisme.ca/en-ca/pyp/.


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