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The Kentucky Wildlands Launches Waterfall Trail

The Kentucky Wildlands, a regional tourism destination across 41 counties in southern and eastern Kentucky, is excited to announce the recent launch of its new waterfall trail. The Kentucky Wildlands Waterfall Trail highlights 17 of some of the most unique and accessible waterfalls across the area. The trail not only provides logistical information like length, difficulty and how to access each trail, it also highlights waterfalls with special features, including the tallest waterfall, an ADA-accessible waterfall and family-friendly falls and trails. 

The Kentucky Wildlands, launched in 2020 to develop a sustainable tourism-based economy and create connectivity across the region, designed its new waterfall trail to help people access the natural wonders of the area. With more than 14,000 square miles and 800+ waterfalls in this part of Kentucky alone, the trail makes it easy for people to explore the ancient forests, mountains and unspoiled terrain of The Kentucky Wildlands– those who do will be rewarded with breathtaking waterfall views.

“We are incredibly excited to debut this trail so that those unfamiliar with the area can better understand and navigate the diverse beauty of the Wildlands,” said Tammie Nazario, Director of The Kentucky Wildlands. “We want to encourage people to discover the natural wonders here, which include an abundance of beautiful waterfalls, and we hope this easy-to-follow guide inspires them to plan a trip to experience some of the many we have to offer.”

No two falls are alike on The Kentucky Wildlands Waterfall Trail. Featured waterfalls include Cumberland Falls, also known as the “Niagara of the South,” the 113-foot Yahoo Falls, and Creation Falls, which has a plunge pool great for wading. The trail incorporates everything from wheelchair- and stroller-accessible hikes like the one to Flat Lick Falls to more challenging routes such as the rocky climb to Eagle Falls.

The waterfall trail can be found online at www.explorekywildlands.com/the-kentucky-wildlands-waterfall-trail/. The trail is displayed on an illustrated map that gives visitors a glimpse of what each of the 17 falls looks like and where it’s located within The Kentucky Wildlands. Visitors can download a waterfall guide as well as access photos of the falls, important details and insider tips on the website.