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Top Virus-Safety Rules Every Flyer Must Follow In 2021

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Flying in the new normal is nothing like you may have ever imagined. The most important concern right now is not convenience or timeliness but virus safety. Now that air travel resumes, you may still feel apprehensive about boarding your next flight. Thankfully, there are ways to fly safely without fearing exposure or infection. So you can still make your vacation plans or travel for business without second thoughts. Here are the top virus safety rules every flyer must follow in 2021.

Know the guidelines

The first rule you must follow is to know the safety guidelines to follow amid the pandemic. The government has specific guidelines for domestic and international air travel for Canadians. It recommends vaccination at the earliest, though you can fly without it. But you will have to follow the norms regarding testing and quarantine requirements according to your destination. Once you know all the guidelines and follow them, the risk gets significantly lower.

Book smartly

Planning air travel well keeps you a step ahead with virus safety. Opt for airlines that have the best safety protocols in place. Look for less crowded flights like the early morning and late-night options. The risk of contracting the infection is far lower if you have fewer people around on the flight. It lets you maintain a safe distance from people. Ensure that the airline offers online check-in to avoid queues and crowds at the airport. You can browse the booking website and pick your seats wisely too.

Avoid contact while commuting

When it comes to virus safety, you must be extra careful even before reaching the airport. It is best to avoid contact on the way by skipping cabs and public transport. Driving down is a better option, but you may be worried about finding a parking space. Luckily, you can book parking spots online, even at the busiest airports in Canada. Check the internet for finding Parking at Calgary Airport hotels and booking in a few clicks. You can park and use the complimentary shuttle service to reach the airport. Rest assured about the car’s safety till you are back.

Practice precautions at the airport

Staying safe at the airport is vital because crowds and surface contact lead to a high-risk factor. You must practice the precautions of mask-wearing and social distancing at the airport to keep the virus at bay. Hand hygiene is equally crucial, so make sure you pack ample supplies of hand sanitizer. Avoid touching surfaces and steer clear of crowded lounges unless absolutely necessary.

Carry your food and water

Air travel in 2021 requires you to carry your own food and water. It may sound inconvenient to pack meals and water bottles, but you will feel stress-free. Carry nutritious snacks, salads, and sandwiches because they are handy and keep you from feeling sick. You can take a stainless-steel bottle and fill it in from the airport’s dispenser. It is a small measure but makes things a lot safer.

Flying safely amid the pandemic is possible, provided you know and follow the relevant rules and precautions. Safety should be your top priority, and these rules have you covered.