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The top 10 European wellness hotspots

Prague, Berlin, and Helsinki top the list of for locations to visit for a wellness vacation, due to the high amount of green space, number of spas, and other factors analysed in the research.

Photo by Martin Krchnacek

With wellbeing at the forefront of people’s minds for travel, and ‘closer-to-home’ European countries proving to be the destinations of choice for 2023, Comparethemarket reveals the first edition of its European wellness hotspots index.

The index highlights European locations travellers should consider going to when looking for a relaxing break based on different factors, including; amount of green space, air and noise pollution levels and the number of spas and yoga studios.

The top 10 European wellness locations:


The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, takes the top wellness destination spot within Europe. With an abundance of green space (40%) and over two-hundred spas to choose from, the aptly nicknamed ‘City of a Hundred Spires’ is the perfect place to relax.

With low levels of noise pollution and a huge 336 spas to choose from, Berlin takes second place in the ranking. The city is an ideal wellness destination choice and is also an ideal place to visit for any yoga enthusiasts, with 21 studios to choose from.

Helsinki, Sheffield, and Munich are the remaining cities that make up the top five wellness destinations. Helsinki offers ample amounts of green space (43%), while Sheffield has the highest healthcare score (83). Coming fifth in the ranking is Munich, mainly due to low noise pollution levels (21%).

For those after a wellness retreat closer to home, Liverpool, Leicester, and Bristol all feature in the index, showing that UK cities really can be a place to relax and unwind.

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