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Great Plans to have fun in London

Photo by Marcin Nowak

Traveling around the world is one of the best activities that someone would choose to do in his free time. It’s amazing how many incredibly beautiful towns someone can visit worldwide. Big cities, exotic islands, fairytale villages, and deserts, are only a few examples of how many beautiful places someone could explore.

But if you are wondering which is the next destination you will visit this winter, you must consider visiting Europe, and specifically, London! In case you are asking why just keep reading!

London is one of the most famous European destinations, especially during winter. As you might already know, London is the capital of the United Kingdom and it’s one of the most interesting cities in Europe. Its rich history, amazing heritage, and wonderful culture are only a few things that London has to brag about.

So, if you are interested in visiting this beautiful city and having the best time of your life, read below, and let’s explore the greatest plans that you should choose to have fun in this amazing European capital.

  1. Visit Big Ben

In case you are currently traveling to London, don’t miss the opportunity of visiting the famous Big Ben. Firstly, Big Ben is the most well-known landmark in London, and everyone knows about it. Actually, Big Ben is the name for the largest of the five bells inside of the clock tower, but today, the name Big Ben is about the whole tower and the bell too. The iconic landmark is located on the north end of the House of Parliament and it’s a UNESCO world heritage site. Fun Fact: The most preferable way to see Big Ben is by walking across Westminster Bridge, from the London Eye, or on a hop-on bus tour.

  1. Visit London Eye

Moreover, another very popular landmark that you should visit in London, is London Eye, which is a huge wheel located near Big Ben. The London Eye is known as the highest observation wheel worldwide and it offers a breathtaking view of London. Of course, if you are visiting London Eye during winter, the weather in London tends to be a little cloudy but don’t worry because the city still looks amazing this way. From that high, you will be able to admire the most significant landmarks of London.

  1. Play mini golf

Last but not least, another very fun activity that you must try while visiting London, whether it is winter or summer, is mini golf. Especially in the UK, mini golf is a very popular activity that many people choose for leisure. You can visit Crazy golf with plonkgolf.co.uk, and book your mini golf course at the venue that you prefer. What is crazy golf? It’s the most fun version of regular mini-golf. Actually, you can find many different venues around the city, according to your needs and your age. There you can play mini golf at colorful courses and at the same time enjoy a tasty cocktail.