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The Top 8 Must-Visit Places in Spain

Did you know that Spain is known as the country where the sun never sets? Spain is arguably one of the best travel destinations, whether you are traveling alone or as a group. The ultimate goal of traveling is enjoyment, and Spain is an ideal destination to achieve this. 

Spain has different cities and attractions, each with its unique touch to anyone visiting – be it history, architecture, culture, or simply an incredible experience. This beautiful country has so many places to explore, but when visiting for a couple of weeks, here are eight top places you shouldn’t miss visiting. 

If you are going to spend several weeks in Spain, you will be able to visit many cities thanks to the extensive and efficient Spanish transport network. There are convenient transportation options to cater to various preferences, budgets, and destinations. To move quickly between the country’s major cities, the best option is to travel by train. Spain has a wide network of regional and high-speed trains (AVE). The latter are more expensive, but you can save a lot of time. All AVE lines depart from the capital, Madrid, to destinations such as Barcelona, Seville, Malaga. To get around without always having to go through Madrid, the best option is to travel by bus in Spain. Besides being the cheapest option, with the bus you will be able to reach many more destinations, beyond the big cities. If you are planning to visit the Spanish islands, there are several daily flights from most of the country’s airports, as well as ferries from some coastal cities.

  • Barcelona: A City of Art and Adventure

Barcelona- popularly known for its football excellence is situated in the northeastern region of Catalonia. The city is more than a just football city; it is one of the largest art exhibitions. You can find art masterpieces on almost every corner. This coastal jewel also features stunning buildings designed by the visionary Antoni Gaudí, several museums and galleries, including the Museu Picasso, and much more. Barcelona also has beautiful sandy beaches and exciting nightlife. You can explore the Gothic Quarter, stroll along the vibrant streets of Las Ramblas, and indulge in the local cuisine.

  • Madrid

One of the cities that are most often disregarded as a travel destination is Madrid. Probably because it is the capital of Spain and therefore considered to be fully a business hub, but the vibrant Spanish capital has a lot to offer. Madrid is well-known for its extensive heritage of culture. You can explore the Prado Museum, which is home to some of the most exquisite collections of European art. If you love walks, you can walk around the beautiful Retiro Park, see the magnificent Royal Palace, and see a show at the famous Teatro Real. The city has all types of cuisines that you can enjoy, like the delicious cocido madrileño, a stew made with chickpeas, beef, veggies, and other delectable local cuisines.

  • Seville 

Seville is renowned for its colorful celebrations, which include the Semana Santa and the Feria de Abril. Every corner of Seville tells a story of Spain’s captivating history. The city is home to the Plaza de España, the Giralda Tower, and the Alcazar Palace. In Sevilla, don’t miss the opportunity to experience the classic Andalusian Flamenco dance and music. You can climb the Giralda and Seville Cathedral towers for a panoramic view of the city.

  • Granada 

Create stories and memories in Granada. A beautiful city Located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Granada is a city steeped in history and beauty. The most visited attraction in the city is the Alhambra Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site with magnificent gardens and Islamic architecture. There are lots of enjoyable things to do to keep you satisfied. You can stroll through the Generalife Gardens, visit Albaicín, the historic Muslim neighborhood, ski resort, and Moorish palaces, and savor regional fare, including the robust Olla de San Antón, a classic stew.

  • Valencia

Experience the thrill and fun of the 3rd largest city in Spain. It is situated on the shores of the Mediterranean. In Valencia, visit the magnificent complex of futuristic architectural buildings known as the City of Arts and Sciences. The city is home to the Fine Arts Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. Valencia hosts the Fallas festival, which takes place in March and features enormous papier-mâché figurines and spectacular fireworks displays. It is a vibrant and energetic celebration that you shouldn’t miss. Valencia also has delicious food, especially paella made with shellfish. 

  • San Sebastián

San Sebastian is a quaint seaside town in the Basque Country that is well-known for its gorgeous beaches, green surroundings, and delicious pintxos. You can experience the city that never sleeps in Spain by enjoying a memorable nightlife in the ancient town. You can take refreshing walks along La Concha Beach, and hike to the summit of Mount Urgull for expansive views. 

  • Ibiza

Ibiza is known as the best place to go partying and beach lovers. Although this is true, the city offers more than just a place to party. It is home to numerous natural areas like Ses Salines Natural Park, a mysterious rock island off the coast of Ibiza, historical monuments like the Phoenician Settlement of Sa Caleta, and much more. At Ibiza, you can relax in the charming village of Santa Gertrudis while sampling the regional fare, which includes the well-known seafood paella. For party lovers, you can party all night long at renowned clubs like Pacha and Ushuaia. 

  •  Córdoba

The charming city of Cordoba is located in the center of Andalusia and is well-known for its vibrant patios, winding streets, and breathtaking architecture. The Mezquita, a magnificent 8th-century mosque that was converted into a cathedral, is a must-see sight. Take in the stunning patio gardens of the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos, take a stroll through the Jewish district, and take in the traditional horse competitions at the Royal Stables.