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The Yacht Week Launches Tahiti Route For 2023

The original 'floating festival' launches its boutique sailing adventure where friends can hire a luxury yacht, join a flotilla of like-minded people for parties, exploration, activities and culture, as they enjoy the stunning French Polynesian islands from the sea.

yacht week sailing in tahiti

The Yacht Week has launched its Tahiti route for 2023, taking place from 8th – 15th April and 15th – 22nd April. The original ‘floating festival’ offers a unique way to experience everything the French Polynesian islands have to offer. Groups of friends can hire a luxury yacht and join a flotilla of like-minded people from around the world to enjoy a 7-day boutique adventure (15 yachts compared to 60 catered for in Croatia) which mixes sailing, parties, exploration and activities, while giving a chance to experience Tahitian culture first-hand. Unlike most travel companies who fly tourists from island to island, The Yacht Week sails across the still, turquoise waters, with guests and friends living aboard the yachts, giving a unique perspective and an alternative trip – one which proves Tahiti is so much more than a honeymoon destination. The Yacht Week Tahiti routes this year sold out in under 3 minutes when they first went on sale, so anyone hoping to join the trip-of-a-lifetime in paradise should get their gang together and move fast.

Guests this year were asked to describe The Yacht Week Tahiti in one word and gave answers like ‘incredible’, ‘magical’ and ‘stunning’. One guest was New York-based influencer and content creator, Eleba Taber. She described it as ‘one of the best weeks ever’. On the subject of sailing with The Yacht Week she said, ‘there’s no better way to see Tahiti. You see so much of the country by sailing, being out on the sea, seeing the turquoise water and the nature as you’re sailing by – it’s one of a kind.’

There are plenty of chances to really explore the islands and soak up the culture, whether that’s visiting a pearl farm, exploring the backcountry on horseback, or touring the lagoons in a traditional outrigger canoe. The explosion of nature on display is hard to believe – guests can snorkel with stingrays and black tip sharks, or dive in Taha’a’s spectacular ‘Jardin du Corail’, the renowned coral garden. The local people are always welcoming and a big part of The Yacht Week Tahiti experience is to enjoy the traditional food, drinks, dancing and culture of the islands.

Throughout the trip guests are guaranteed to make new friends and, living together on a yacht means, they get closer to old ones. As Elena Taber explained, ‘It’s really really special, and rare I think, to get to travel but to make so many friends as you go.’ Those who make it to The Yacht Week Tahiti will create unforgettable memories, like watching the sunset over Bora Bora, moored up alongside the flotilla with close friends, falling asleep on their yacht out at sea and under the stars. This is a travel experience which captures the magic of French Polynesia but also the joy of spending time with the people you value the most, while sailing, exploring and having enough fun to last until next year’s trip.