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Three Mysterious Places You Must Explore

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For some people, it requires a few puffs of a CBD vape pen to acquire the feeling of relaxation needed while on holiday. For others, the adrenaline rush of exploring somewhere new is all the incentive needed to start packing.

Regardless of how you cope with travel, it is always nice to experience a new location. The world is filled with famous locations such as Rome, Paris, Vienna, and Istanbul that attract millions of visitors each year. However, wouldn’t it be fun to check out a few places that aren’t completely thronged with eager tourists? What about locations that have a mystery attached? You can unleash your inner detective and see if you can find a solution to these vexing issues.

This article looks at three locations, each of which has a mystery yet to be solved.

1 – The Crooked Forest – Poland

If you love nature and find unusual things fascinating, you need to visit the legendary Crooked Forest. It consists of approximately 400 pine trees that grow at a 90-degree angle from their roots. These trees were planted in a grove near the town of Gryfino in the early 1930s.

No one is entirely sure why these trees grow in such an unusual manner. One suggestion is that the planters used a specific tool to make the trees grow like this. However, neither the tool nor the method used to create curved trees has ever been determined.

Another suggestion is that the region has a unique gravitational pull that has caused the phenomenon. Yet another theory is that a snowstorm bent the trunks, but again, there is no evidence. The Crooked Forest understandably provides the region with plenty of income.

2 – Bhangarh Fort – India

Built in the 16th century in India’s Rajasthan state, this location is notorious for being the nation’s most haunted fort. Raja Bhagwant Singh had the fort built for his son, Madho Singh, who had a son called Chatr Singh. This man had a son named Ajab Singh, who built the famous fort of Ajabgarh.

According to legend, princess Ratnavati, the daughter of Chatr Singh, was famed for her beauty and was loved throughout the region. However, one day, a tantric priest fell in love with the princess and cast a black magic spell on a perfume bottle her maid had bought. The princess was aware of the curse and threw the bottle. It turned into a boulder and crushed the priest. However, he placed a curse on the whole village before he died.

Princess Ratnavati and most of the Bhangarh army died the following year in a battle with the Ajabgarh. Guides who bring tourists into the fort say it is doomed to desolation forever and is filled with ghosts. Therefore, no one can go into the fort after sunset. While the fort guards admit to having never seen any paranormal activity, this hasn’t stopped people from visiting. Check out the place for yourself!

3 – The Skirrid Mountain Inn – Wales

Wales is known for its beautiful valleys and astonishing scenery. However, it also has its share of locations with a reputation for being haunted. The Skirrid Mountain Inn in Abergavenny is believed to be the oldest pub in Wales; it was first mentioned on record in the early 1100s. Some say that it is also the most haunted!

Located on the eastern side of the Brecon Beacons National Park, the Skirrid Mountain Inn is one of the most intimidating places to spend a night in Britain. There are plenty of legends attached to the pub. For instance, according to lore, it was the meeting place for rebels who fought with Owain Glyndwr, a man who fought against Henry IV. Others say it was the site of many executions; there is still a swinging noose on the rafters outside!

Those who have spent a night at the Skirrid Mountain Inn report hearing loud footsteps with no one there, slammed doors, and hushed voices. The Inn also has special Ghost Hunt packages, which allow you to stay up until the early hours to see what you can find. Various paranormal investigators have come to the Inn and claimed it was among the most paranormally active places they visited.

If you’re willing to test your mettle, stay a night at the Skirrid Mountain Inn. You get bonus points for doing so when it is wet and stormy.

Final Thoughts on Mysterious Places You Must Visit

Where’s your sense of adventure? If you want to take a vacation with a difference, visit one of the three places mentioned above. Whether you want to play the sleuth or enjoy being frightened, all of them provide you with something you likely haven’t experienced before. Of course, make sure that other attractions interest you in each of these regions before booking your holiday. 


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