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Tips for renting a car in Málaga

If you are thinking of travelling to Spain, Andalusia is one of the most popular destinations for tourists from abroad as well as for foreigners. The Mediterranean climate, the food, the culture and the beaches that are spread all over Andalusia are the main attractions for those who want to live there as well as for tourists. Be that as it may, the main means of transport recommended for travelling around Andalusia, in particular Málaga, is by car. If you want to rent a car in Malaga, read on for some tips on this and many other topics related to your future experience on the famous Costa del Sol.

1.    Why to travel to Málaga?

Firstly, if you are undecided about which area is the best in Andalusia, here are some reasons to choose Malaga as the perfect Andalusian destination. There you will find the peace for those quiet holidays you are dreaming of, but also many places where you can enjoy long and fun nights out, as well as activities for children, sports lovers, etc. From tourism to an incomparable gastronomic experience and the Mediterranean climate of the coast, Málaga is the province that receives hundreds of thousands of tourists a year who are attracted by all the above. The culture, the leisure and of course the people will make you fall in love instantly. The commonly known Feria de Málaga and the 29 museums in the province are just two of the many activities you can do in Malaga depending on your interests.

2.    Tips for renting

The main thing to consider when renting a car in Andalucia, specifically in Málaga, is to be very clear about the date of arrival and return. Malaga is a very popular destination and in high season tourism increases by the day. In general, it is a destination where almost every day of the year the weather is very pleasant, but car hire companies and car hire services are aware of when the demand is at its highest.

On the other hand, there is a wide variety of car models and brands so that you can choose the one that best suits your preferences and needs. The rental contract is directly with the company, there are no brokers involved, so you can be completely sure that the deal is legal and offers multiple amenities.

One of them is that the price you pay for the chosen service is the fact that if you travel by plane, you are guaranteed that your car will be waiting for you just when you arrive, no waiting and no misunderstandings. You can also forget about paying for extras, you will only have to pay for them if you wish, there will be no pressure from the staff. The safety, identity and decision of the customer will be respected.

You are totally free to shop around for prices and vehicle and service offerings with other sites, find out for yourself which option is the most economical and best suited to your preferences by visiting their website which you will find at the link above. You can also find answers to all your questions, read reviews from previous customers, browse through the most popular questions and make a decision, and get support from the team who will be happy to help you make your stay in Andalucia unforgettable.