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Xplor Unveils Toboganxote, the World’s First and Only 5-in-1 Waterslide

Xplor, the world’s most visited zipline park, introduces a new attraction for adventure enthusiasts, Toboganxote, the only 5-in-1 waterslide in the world, combining four different types of descents into a single route that culminates in a wave pool, further enhancing the park’s extensive array of adventure offerings.

The new water attraction embodies pure adventure, offering the fun and thrill of an entire water park in a single experience. Adventurers embark on a four-person raft, gearing up for a dizzying descent from 135 feet high. The journey begins with the “Sphere”, a breathtaking freefall thanks to its circular shape. Next, speed and excitement combine at the “Half Wave”, as the raft sways and glides forward before entering the thrilling “Whirlpool”. Once caught in its dizzying spin, everyone is launched into the “Whirlwind”, where the action reaches its peak before culminating in a refreshing splashdown in a wave pool, offering visitors the opportunity to linger and enjoy at their leisure.

“Xplor is where rivers, caves, underground caverns, and now, Toboganxote, come together in the Riviera Maya, a convergence we’re confident will delight our visitors. This addition strengthens our commitment to offering adventure and excitement, ensuring diverse experiences amidst the jungle while inspiring people’s adventurous spirit,” said Marco Antonio Hernández Díaz, Director of Adventure Park Operations.

In addition to this new water attraction, visitors to Xplor can enjoy a wide range of activities, designed to unleash their bravest side and venture into the depths of the sky, land, and water. Visitors have the opportunity to experience two zipline circuits, explore the jungle and caves in amphibious vehicles, and traverse underground rivers by raft or swimming amidst stalactites, fostering a deep connection with nature. After dark, the excitement continues with Xplor Fuego, ensuring an unparalleled experience where visitors enjoy all the park’s activities in the middle of the Mayan jungle in an extreme nocturnal adventure. Xplor stands as an all-inclusive adventure park, allowing visitors to experience every activity as many times as desired, and regain their strength at the park’s smoothie stations and buffet restaurant.  

Toboganxote can accommodate up to 1,280 visitors per day, in four-seat rafts. This attraction is accessible to guests of both Xplor and Xplor Fuego, as well as those staying at Xcaret hotels, thanks to the All-Fun Inclusive® concept.

The attraction is equipped with rigorous safety protocols. Wearing a helmet is mandatory throughout the journey, and proficiency in swimming is essential for all participants.