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Top 3 countries to go without being vaccinated

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Summer is the best time to take a break from all your worries. And if you are not willing to spend time within the four walls, you need to think about an overseas vacation. In this article, we’ve put together some great travel destinations for the quarantine summer.

Where Can You Finally Travel For a Summer Vacation?

Although many countries have strict quarantine rules now, most tourist regions are happy to welcome guests. The requirements sometimes differ, but in most cases, it is enough to get a PCR test certificate. For example, with a test certificate, you can visit Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Turkey, and many other European countries.

Of course, if you have won a fortune in a same day withdrawal casino or hit the real money jackpot — consider some faraway paradise places. For example:

  • Maldives
  • Sri Lanka
  • Panama

And now, let’s take a closer look at the top 3 best destinations for summer vacations without vaccination.

1.   Sunny Turkish Beaches

A suitable climate, amazing Turkish nature, and a clean, clear sea. It is difficult to imagine any other country with such cultural, historical, and natural attractions. To enter the country all travelers need a PCR test certificate, issued no earlier than 72 hours before departure. Furthermore, it is required to fill in and download to your device a special online form.

It is worth noting that Turkish laws are quite strict, thus you should be careful and obey them. For instance, it is completely forbidden to play in online casinos while you stay in Turkey. So if you’re used to making money in Irish online casinos, taking huge bonuses, and searching for free spins, you should definitely stay away from gambling in Turkey. It is also worth respecting local religious rituals and communicating carefully with Turkish people.

2.   Beautiful Maldivian Resorts

If you want to escape from boring reality and find a place for unusual vacations — Maldive Islands are ideal for you. Blue ocean, exotic cuisine, and sandy beaches are waiting for tourists at the edge of the world. But it is quite an expensive pleasure to rest here, so you should take care of booking tickets and accommodation as early as possible.

All tourists are allowed to enter the Maldives only if they have a negative PCR test taken not earlier than 96 hours before departure. Most hotels require a negative PCR test on arrival too. Also, a number of airlines have such tests as a requirement for boarding. Finally, even if you have already been injected with a vaccine, you will also need to show a PCR result for entering the country.

3.   Antique Сoasts of Greece

This country is slowly removing restrictions, making travelers’ vacations more and more comfortable. Bars, restaurants, and cafes are open, but they can only accept guests in outdoor areas. Wearing masks and social distance, as usual, is compulsory. To enter Greece, you must present a negative result of the PCR Covid-19 test, obtained no more than 72 hours before arrival. Instead, you can also use a certificate of recovery or antibody test result, valid for 2 to 9 months from the date of issue.

Also, an electronic PLF (Passenger Locator Form) must be completed within 24 hours before departure. The form should indicate all health certificates available for entry, contact information, and the planned place of residence in Greece. After completing the PLF form, this file should be saved, as it is a mandatory entry document.


The world is slowly returning to normal and the chances of spending the next pandemic anniversary away from home are growing every day. Numerous countries begin to accept tourists without any special requirements. But when searching for a travel destination, you should check the official resources of each country for the latest information on entry requirements. Moreover, it is recommended to finally get vaccinated. This way you will protect yourself, as well as open up a lot of travel opportunities.


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