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Top 3 Places to Live In Italy

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Delicious food, rich history, amazing views, exciting art, blooming culture, and thriving economic centers that attract talent from all across the world. With so much to offer, we could go on for days on why Italy is such a fantastic place to live for foreigners, expats, and everyone in between.

Italy is rich with magnificent towns, villages, and metro regions, from the medieval vibe of Florence to the coastal area of Naples. The north and south are drastically different. Even neighboring towns may feel different due to variances in languages, culture, food, festivals, and so on. The cost of living in Italy, like other countries, varies, depending on where you reside. And you want to learn some of the Italian curse words.

The country is so beautiful that picking where to live might be the most challenging part of going there. If you are thinking of repositioning to Italy, we have gathered some of the best places to live in Italy.

Best Places to Live In Italy

There are several reasons why you will want to make Italy your home. We looked at a few of the locations and chose a few that could pique your interest.

1.     Tuscany – A Classy Place to Live

Tuscany’s attractiveness to expats is self-evident as one of Italy’s most well-known regions. Buying Tuscany real estate is a dream for many. There’s much to entice you, from the stunning landscape and idyllic villages to some of Italy’s greatest food. In Tuscany, you will find gorgeous beaches along the coast, as well as rocky cliffs and beautiful open vistas in the interior.

If you like Italian culture, Tuscany is one of the most incredible locations to live in Italy and is one of the best examples of Italy’s culture. It is conveniently positioned for travel across Italy and neighboring countries, and it is home to Florence and other well-known cities.

Tuscany’s excellent location in Italy is one of its most appealing features. It features a huge stretch of Mediterranean shoreline and is just north of the center. However, rolling hills and vineyards are only a short distance away, so there’s something for everyone.

Talking about the weather, the warmest summer days may reach 30°C, while the coldest winter days may only reach 11°C.

Tuscany’s culinary and wine offerings nearly don’t need to be mentioned. It is home to well-known wine types like Chianti and some of Italy’s top culinary experiences. Fortunately, there are several wine excursions and tasting experiences that appeal to both locals and visitors.

2.      Rome – A Place with Historial Ties

Rome has that pull. It has a unique ambiance, with historical ties, arts, and brilliant architecture. Rome is geographically in the center of Italy and is a very vibrant, calm, and vivid place to live. It is well linked both for domestic and international travel. Florence and Naples are both reachable by train. You can go to Milan in 4 hours by using Eurostar.

If you wish to stretch your wings overseas and find attractive chances, whether you’re young or retired, single or married, Rome is an excellent location to start.

While Rome has hundreds of historical treasures and monuments, it also has a young heart. You can indulge in café culture, which was certainly founded in a city like Rome, where a café can be found on nearly every street corner, occupied by people simply watching the world go by. You can dine whenever you want and enjoy your lunch with new friends or polite strangers.

From the minute you locate the ideal flat or house in Rome, you can make it your home.

3.     Milan – the Fashion Capital

Milan is a diverse city, as vibrant and cool as a fashion center should be. Milan provides a fantastic way of life for city dwellers. All year long, there are museums, exhibitions, cultural activities, and entertainment. Food from all around the globe is served at restaurants and cafés.

The city has Roman roots and has got a lot of old history. Milan is now a city with a rich cultural past, as well as a significant financial, fashion, and technological center.

Residents in Milan do not need to possess a car because the city is highly walkable. You can walk everywhere in the city center in the time it takes to find a parking spot. It is more convenient to cycle, walk, or take public transportation.

Final Words    

Moving to Italy is a thrilling adventure that will introduce you to fascinating history, breathtaking scenery, and delicious food. However, deciding where to live is mostly a matter of personal preference, and whether you prefer the city, the countryside, or the shore, there is always an economic choice in Italy.

There are so many beautiful places to live in Italy that it would be hard to include them all in one guide. If you do your homework and find the proper spot, Italy can become your ideal home away from home.