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A Guide to Keeping Yourself Entertained on a Road Trip

what to take on a road trip
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Road trips are one of the most exciting adventures you can experience in a lifetime. The unique combination of watching the world go by on the freeway, the challenge of driving long distances, enjoying companionship, or zoning out on your own, the memory of a great road trip can stay with you forever.

However, like any great adventure, your every waking moment on a road trip is not likely to be sunshine and roses. There is a hefty portion of road trip journeys that are like any other long-distance drive – monotonous, dull, and challenging to endure.

In the long run, moments like these make the good parts of a road trip – discovering new places, meeting new people, and bonding with your automobile – so special. Despite this, there is no getting around the fact that you are going to get bored at some point, especially as a passenger.

Therefore, it is important to have a few ideas in your back pocket to keep yourself from becoming bad-tempered, lethargic, and jaded about the whole escapade. 

These ideas for entertaining yourself could involve playing a game on your phone, catching up on a great book, improving yourself by listening to an informative podcast or audiobook or even bonding with your fellow passengers by playing a car or people-spotting game.

Whatever the form of entertainment, having a few to choose from prevents you from becoming bored and spices up the long journeys considerably.

Here is a guide to keeping yourself entertained on a road trip:

Play a game on your phone

The first form of entertainment you could bring along on your road trip is games on your phone. This is an enticing option simply because it is easy. 

As soon as you start to feel yourself becoming bored, you can whip out your phone, find your go-to game, and start playing. What’s more, with mobile games, you can compete against both yourself and other people, making it rewarding to continue playing over long periods of time. 

Perhaps you enjoy console-inspired mobile games, or maybe you want to play slots at www.cafecasino.lv. Whatever your choice, mobile games are worth considering if you are about to embark on a long road trip. 

Read a good book

A book is another great option to keep you entertained on a road trip. 

You might think that bringing such a slow-paced activity to a fast-paced adventure like a road trip would be a strange contrast, but in fact, books can be ideal for long, featureless car journeys. 

If you have been meaning to finish a book for a long time, or you have reached a logjam on your current reading list and need to complete a number of books quickly, then a road trip can be the perfect opportunity to catch up on some reading.

Indeed, books can even be a good option if you get car sick. All you have to do is plug in your earphones and listen to an audiobook. This option is, if anything, even better than a traditional book, because you won’t need light to read at night, and you can listen even if in the back seat of a cramped car. 

Listen to an informative podcast

If you are looking to make the most of your otherwise wasted journey time, then you could listen to an educational podcast. 

This option will both engage you intellectually (therefore taking your mind off of the dull journey), and hopefully leave you a better-informed person at the end of the trip. Whether you are listening to an expert discussing their specialty, an instructional podcast that teaches you a new skill, or an inspirational figure who can help show you a new way of viewing the world, you are bound to gain a lot of value out of an informative podcast.

Moreover, if you are driving, then a podcast or audiobook (mentioned above) can easily be consumed while on the move, in a way that videos and books obviously can’t be. You’ll want some good headphones for your podcast, and some other tech might improve your trip too.

If you are driving, play a car-spotting game

Alternatively, if you are looking for a more active form of entertainment on a road trip, then you could devise your very own car or people-spotting game. 

This could be as simple as trying to spot as many red cars as possible on the highway, as many cars of a certain type, or perhaps playing a people-watching game where you try and work out the names and jobs of your fellow motorists might be. 

The key reason why this is a great option is that it gets you more immediately involved in your surroundings, helping you to notice details you would otherwise have ignored.