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Top 5 Charter Catamarans 2024

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Renowned across the world, lying in the Aegean Sea are the exquisite Cyclades Islands. Notable for their stark white buildings, stunning sandy shores, quaint windmills, and desolate terrains, these are just some of the timeless features that can be witnessed on a sailing excursion through the Greek Isles with Yachtsailing.com’s Cyclades catamaran charters.

Every year, people from all over the world travel to the Aegean Sea, in search of their own ideal paradise. The charming, narrow streets, picturesque churches with blue domes, and breathtaking views all work together to captivate one’s spirit and fill them with wonder. Santorini, Folegandros, Naxos, Paros, Sifnos, Milos and Kythnos are just a few choices of the stunning islands waiting to be explored in the Cyclades.

On your Cyclades catamaran voyage with Yachtsailing.gr, the possibilities for activities and enjoyment are limitless. Sail through breathtaking bays, find hidden, secluded beaches, sample delicious traditional dishes at local taverns, or opt for more lavish experiences at extravagant destinations. Experience some of the most stunning sunsets in the world and watch the moon’s glow dance on the Aegean Sea.

While on land, discover the enchanting narrow pathways that wind through picturesque villages and captivating town squares. One of the main reasons these islands are sought after is due to their gorgeous beaches.

During your Cyclades catamaran charter with Yachtsailing.gr, you’ll have easy access to sandy beaches and sparkling, pristine waters. Whether you choose to cool off with a refreshing swim or soak up the Greek sunshine while lounging on the sand, the choice is yours. Or, make the most of any water toys or sports you’ve requested during your stay in this idyllic corner of the Aegean.

Make the most of your time on land by embarking on one of the numerous hiking trails available. These trails are not only a great way to explore the landscape, but also to immerse yourself in the local history and culture. Along the way, you are likely to encounter famous landmarks, ancient ruins, traditional windmills, and fascinating churches and monasteries offering scenic views at the end of your journey. The islands also boast a plethora of monuments and museums, giving visitors the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the region’s rich past. For unmatched vistas, visit the hilltops where the majority of the big towns in the Cyclades are located.

With an abundance of options for activities on a Cyclades catamaran charter, it can be overwhelming to choose where to begin. Fortunately, your skipper will serve as your knowledgeable guide, welcoming you to the Greek lifestyle. Along with navigating the stunning waters and scenery, your skipper will also be a valuable host, ensuring to help you create an unforgettable experience in the Cyclades Islands.

We will steer you clear of tourist traps, offer advice on activities in each location, and share knowledge on local products and delicacies on every island. Our skipper’s seafaring adventures and captivating facts will entertain people of all ages. When deciding on a dining location, our knowledgeable recommendations and the option to invite our skilled skipper along will guarantee a pleasurable experience. Get ready to be impressed by his exceptional social skills and connections to the places you’ll discover on our Yachtsailing.gr Cyclades catamaran charter.

The archipelago of Cyclades offers a diverse selection of islands, each with its own unique purpose and appeal. For those with a love for history and archeology, there are plenty of significant sites to explore while sailing on a catamaran through the region. On the other hand, thrill-seekers looking for wild nights and partying can find their ideal destination among the islands. Mykonos and Ios are particularly famous for their legendary nightlife, where one can dance the night away until dawn. No matter which island you choose to visit, you can expect to find exceptional local taverns, restaurants, and a variety of delectable cuisine to satisfy all tastes.

In the last few years, Paros Island has become a popular destination for tourists seeking a more authentic Greek experience. Its stunning beaches, charming villages, and delicious local cuisine have attracted visitors from all over the world. Also, the culture of Santorini Island is deeply rooted in ancient Greek traditions, with influences from Venetian and Ottoman occupations. Its unique architecture, delicious cuisine, and vibrant festivals and celebrations showcase the island’s rich cultural heritage. Meanwhile, Milos and Kimolos boast breathtaking landscapes formed by past volcanic eruptions. Visitors to these islands can admire a vibrant array of natural hues along the coast, in the rock formations, and throughout the surrounding areas.

Presented below are the top 5 luxurious and sought-after catamarans in our selection.

The Royal Flush is a premier boutique option, designed for maximum luxury and comfort. With room for up to 12 guests, she boasts a spacious layout, impressive cruising speed, and a fantastic lounging area perfect for soaking in the stunning surroundings. Take in the beauty of the Cyclades from the vantage point of the large fly bridge, or relax in the supreme comfort of the queen size beds with premium bedding. Luxurious, well-appointed bathrooms and separate shower areas provide the ultimate convenience and indulgence for a truly 5-star experience.

Our collection also includes the superb Queen of Hearts, a top pick amongst our offerings. With six cabins dedicated solely to your pleasure while exploring the Cyclades region, she’s among our finest choices. As a 5-star floating hotel, she boasts an impressive array of amenities, including a spacious living area, a luxurious fly bridge for ultimate relaxation during voyages, a speedy cruising pace, and a one-of-a-kind forward lounge for unwinding as you sail through the Greek waters.

The Queen of Diamonds is a fantastic choice for those looking to sail the stunning Cyclades in utmost luxury and elegance. With five exclusive guest cabins and all the necessary amenities, this vessel promises a truly luxurious experience in the Aegean. Just like the other options listed, it boasts spacious leisure areas, cozy cabins and beds, and a modern stylish design. Enjoy the breathtaking island vistas from the expansive fly bridge and relax in the chic lounge area at the bow.

The ace under our sleeve – the Ace of Diamonds. This impressive catamaran is a top choice due to its similar features to the aforementioned one, yet with a touch of distinct interior design. Both vessels offer a lavish experience, making them ideal for an unforgettable getaway in the Cyclades Islands.

The final boat on our list, the Casino Royale, may be last but certainly not least. It boasts 5 cabins that provide top-quality comfort for guests, equipped with numerous amenities to elevate your experience to a whole new level. Like the other boats in this category, it offers a well-designed layout, providing plenty of space and areas to enjoy while onboard. The Casino Royale also features powerful air conditioning, cozy cockpit cushions and sunbeds, carefully-selected bed linen and towels, comfortable mattresses, and convenient USB sockets in all cabins and saloons.

Discover the endless possibilities of a catamaran charter in Greece and get ready for a life-changing experience. Let your taste buds be tantalized by a diverse infusion of flavors, your mind blown by the history, art, and culture of the region, and your heart filled with awe at the stunning landscapes. Sail through heavenly locations, creating everlasting memories with your loved ones and capturing unforgettable moments with your camera. Whether you choose to charter with a skipper, skipper and hostess, or a full crew, you can rest assured that safety, comfort, and luxury are guaranteed. With the perfect combination of a well-appointed boat and exceptional service, this is a holiday that will stay with you forever.

Experience the joy of basking in perpetual sunshine, immersing yourself in the immaculate and pristine waters, and discovering the striking whitewashed architecture, all while indulging in delectable dishes aboard a luxurious catamaran charter from Yachtsailing.com.