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Top 7 reasons why you should travel to Turkey

Are you looking for an inspiring trip full of enchanting sights and vibrant culture? If so, then a trip to Turkey should be added to your bucket list!

This colorful country, called by some the bridge between East and West, offers many different unforgettable experiences.

From remarkable historical sites to stunning landscapes and scrumptious cuisine, Turkey will not disappoint!

What to prepare before going to Turkey – think visa and passport!

Before you pack your bags and book your flight, there are a few things you need to take care of. First, make sure you have the proper documentation.

A valid passport is required for all international travel, so check your passport’s expiration date well in advance of your trip. In addition, most nationalities require a visa to enter Turkey. Check your eligibility, avoid visiting the Turkish embassy and submit your visa application for Turkey online. Save a lot of time and energy, and receive your eVisa directly to your email inbox! 

Once you have your documents in order, you can start planning your itinerary. Now let’s take a look at 7 reasons why you should choose Turkey as your next vacation destination!

Reason No. 1: Rich history

Turkey has an incredibly rich history – the country has been a center of cultural exchange and the birthplace of great civilizations for thousands of years.

As home to many historical sites that contain evidence of its involvement with empires such as the Hittite, Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires, in Turkey you can explore some of the most inspiring historical artifacts of each civilization and immerse yourself in their powerful stories.

With Turkey encompassing such vast time periods, it is no wonder this country is so diverse and has such immense beauty, ranging from breathtaking mountain ranges to stunning seaside resorts.

Reason No. 2: Delicious cuisine

Turkey offers a wide range of culinary delights, with flavors and dishes so enticing that you will be willing to try new tastes and flavors.

From the world-famous kebab sandwich to classic Turkish main dishes traditionally prepared over charcoal, Turkish cuisine will please you with a delectable array of meats, vegetables and fruits prepared with delicious spices.

Turkey is also famous for some delicious sweets and desserts, handmade chocolates, or sweet treats such as Turkish delight. Turkish cuisine will satisfy even the most discerning palate. With its generous feast of flavors and interesting meals, Turkey promises visitors something delicious no matter what part of the country they are in.

Reason No. 3: Beautiful beaches

Turkish beaches are among the most beautiful in the world. From the serene white sand to the crystal clear waters, these beaches offer a tranquil retreat from the vibrant energy of the East and West.

Enjoy a beautiful Turkish sunset, spend your days swimming or soaking up the sun, or explore some nearby tourist attractions. Turkey’s beaches offer visitors an unforgettable experience. Whether you are looking for adventure or relaxation, Turkish beaches offer something for everyone.

It only takes a little exploration to discover hidden coves and charming waterfront villages. Let Turkey’s beaches take you on an extraordinary journey that will stay with you long after your trip is over – what better way to enjoy life’s simple pleasures?

Reason No. 4: Natural wonders

Turkish natural wonders are awe-inspiring and unique destinations that you must see to truly appreciate. From the picturesque Pamukkale Travertines in Denizli to the warm geothermal waters of Cobanlar Crater Lake near Kayseri, these Turkish landscapes offer an unforgettable getaway.

Turkish natural areas are playgrounds for adventure, such as the coastlines in Antalya, where visitors can surf or sail, picnic among lush olive trees, and go on jeep safaris into caves and gorges to explore hidden, hot springs and ancient ruins.

Reden nr. 5: warme gastvrijheid

Turkish hospitality is like no other – it is deeply rooted in Turkish culture, where they consider hospitality a sign of respect and generosity. Turkish people are incredibly hospitable and generous, so much so that a stranger almost immediately feels at home in a Turkish community.

Turkish people not only do their best to make you feel welcome in their homes, but often invite people over for meals and parties. If you ever feel lost or alone in Turkey, all you have to do is find a Turkish family, and you can be sure they will welcome you with open arms!

Turkish hospitality is truly inspiring – in an age when human kindness is sometimes overshadowed by fear and anxiety, it serves as a reminder of how much love and compassion are still among us.

Reason No. 6: Vibrant culture

From the diverse range of music, literature, food, dance and art to the ancient traditions that persist, Turkish culture offers something special for everyone. Turkish cuisine alone has so many remarkable flavors and ingredients, from kebabs to Turkish delight.

The fascinating rhythms of Turkish music evoke intense emotions through a unique blend of traditional instruments that create enchanting melodies.

Textiles have been an important part of Turkish culture for centuries, and today’s modern Turkish fashion incorporates traditional designs with a contemporary flair.

And who can forget Turkish hospitality? Everyone is welcomed with warmth and an open heart in Turkey – there is no denying that Turkish culture is one you must experience for yourself!

Reason No. 7: Easy travel

With its extensive network of buses, trains and domestic flights providing easy access to its many beautiful geographical areas, this diverse and vibrant country has something for everyone.

Whether you want to travel through cosmopolitan cities such as Istanbul or Ankara, explore the rugged seaside resorts of the Mediterranean or the Turkish Riviera, admire the volcanic landscapes and lush forests of Cappadocia, or sample the world’s best cuisine while strolling through ancient villages, traveling through Turkey offers an experience that is both exciting and enriching.


No matter what kind of traveler you are, no one can deny the allure of Turkey. From its grandiose architecture to its diverse cultures, much of Turkish society and culture is second to none.

Not only are there many attractions, but the cuisine will also amaze your taste buds. The peace, serenity and beauty that Turkey has to offer everyone are unparalleled. Rich in traditions, interesting customs and a unique history, there is something for everyone here.

Make memories for life when you visit this amazing country!