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Top Sports Bars That You Need to Visit When in NJ

It’s time to think about getting out to one of the many cool sports bars in New Jersey as the weather slowly begins to warm up. The following places in your area are perfect for watching any major sporting event, whether you’re a fan of a particular team or just want to watch sports and drink a few drinks.

What Makes New Jersey So Much Fun?

New Jersey is a state that provides a lot of entertainment for people of all ages. With popular attractions like the Liberty Science Center and Hoboken, New Jersey is worth checking out if you want to have fun. Many things make New Jersey so much fun. For one thing, it has plenty of activities to keep people busy and entertained, whether they are looking for family-oriented outings or just a night out on the town. 

Nonetheless, it is its sports scene that makes the place so electric. In fact, sports is such a large part of the culture here that many sports bars cater to those looking to drink with their friends and enjoy the big game! Moreover, due to the intense interest in sporting activities, there are also plenty of places where you can also have a flutter if that’s your bag. If you want to find a NJ sportsbook bonus casino, you can usually find one by simply looking around the area. However, if you are inside the bar and want to bet on the outcome of a game but don’t wish to miss the action, you can also use one of the myriad services online. 

What To Look For In A Good Sports Bar?

Before providing recommendations of the best that NJ has to offer, it is worth looking at some of the things you should watch for when choosing one. A good sports bar should have various sports options to offer, including TVs and other viewing devices, drink specials, and quality food.

A Wide Selection Of Beers

Drinks are what makes a bar a bar! Therefore, it is wise to choose one with a wide and varied selection of beverages that can quiche even the mightiest thirst! They will get extra points if they can offer different local brews and IPAs alongside some of the more common drinks you usually see in such establishments.

Delicious Food

Sports bars are not just about sports. They have food too. Sports bars that don’t serve delicious food will finish up soon and make room for the next place to offer what their customers want. There should always be delicious foods to choose from in a sports bar, which is something that every sports fan understands. Alongside meals, they should provide lots of options of bar snacks that you can eat while drinking and watching the sports unfold.

Plenty Of Large High-Definition Screens

In most cases, you will be visiting a sports bar to watch the sports! While this might seem obvious to most, unfortunately, some bars simply don’t have enough TV screens to cater to their clientele. Therefore, when looking for a watering hole to watch your favorite sports, you should ensure that they have lots of TVs dotted around the various locations throughout the bar. After all, you don’t want to miss the action because you had to go to the restroom!

A Great Location

Watching sports is an electrifying experience, but it can be slightly muted if the place is empty. In that regard, you should select a bar with a lot of foot traffic in a great location. This will allow you to mingle with other customers and enjoy the electricity that comes from a packed pub!

Top Sports Bars In NJ

Now that you know what to look out for when selecting a place to enjoy, it is time to move on to the best places to enjoy your time.

Black Bear Bar & Grill

The Black Bear is a fantastic place to hole yourself up with delicious food and great company. It also happens to have the most considerable amount of screens in all the bars in NJ. This is truly a sports fans’ dream, as an essential point mentioned earlier! There is almost no location inside the bar that is bereft of TVs, meaning that you can choose to sit or stand anywhere and be assured that you will have a great view of the unfolding events.

Joey McBride’s Pub

Another great option that also boasts a large number of screens dotted about the place. It also happens to be the location of several dart tournaments for the region, meaning that you can enjoy the place even when no sports are playing. Moreover, they have a superb selection of food, from your standard burgers and fries to Korean BBQ grills!

Mother’s Ale House

Mother’s has arguably one of the largest bar areas in NJ. This means that the place can become absolutely packed. Although this sounds off-putting for some, it actually adds to the atmosphere. Furthermore, they have over 50 beers on tap ready to be enjoyed by any and all beer connoisseurs out there.

Mulligan’s Pub

Mulligan’s is your typically Irish pub with lots of charm and old-fashioned style. However, don’t let the old-world appeal put you off, as they are exceptionally liberal regarding the types of sports they show. You can watch almost any sport with an active fan base, and you can even catch some soccer every now and then.

Plank Road Inn

This bar is located just down the road from the MetLife stadium, meaning that you can watch the match and then enjoy the atmosphere as hundreds of hyped-up sports fans descend into it to finish off their day. They have over 15 draft beers available and 20 different types of bottled beer to choose from, making Plank Road Inn one of the best sports bars in NJ.

Many more sports bars in NJ are great to visit, but the ones mentioned above are enough to keep you busy for quite a while. You can also use the advice in this post to select a sports bar in any other state nationwide.