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Top Travel Destinations for 2022

2022 presents an opportunity to unwind and recover from the challenges 2022 and 2021 brought. With a host of amazing top travel destinations to visit, it is time for travelers to begin making plans to explore again. It is time to get back on the road and turn dream trips into reality, from hometown favorites to faraway destinations.

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New York City

New York has made a great comeback from the pandemic hit in 2020 and is again prepared to receive tourists. The city has amazing neighborhoods, hotels, and historical places to visit. You can also visit NYC’s 250-room hotel with its rooftop bar, the city’s most coveted hotel amenities. Through an efficient travel agency, you can visit the best places in New York, including the popular DC power sport of Jose Andres.

You are missing out on a lot of fun if you don’t have New York City listed as one of the places you should travel to this year. The amazing history this city is known for gives it a richer future than one can ever imagine.


Malta has many scenic sites worth seeing with its rich history, culture, and architecture. For lovers of cannabis, you’ll be pleased to know Malta became the first country in the EU to legalize marijuana. If that doesn’t concern you, more will – including the Xara Palace, a Relais and Chateaux, and the only hotel in Mdina. The city is also home to a picturesque archipelago, a film location for some epic movies, including Gladiator and Troy.

If you are a lover of everything art, the chances are that you will find this place soothing. The people, places, structures, and everything speaks of the excellence of a rich culture that everyone will want to experience, including you.

New Mexico, Santa Fe

Santa Fe is one of the unique cities in the US and one of the best group or solo travel destinations. It has a rich Native American history, vibrant arts scene, and many strong Spanish influencers. Awesome places to visit range from Canyon Road to Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu to Bishop’s Lodge. Santa Fe has intriguing places that beautifully pay homage to its Southwestern heritage.

Hawaii, Lanai

Hawaii is a great place for family travel, but the beautiful country has been a victim of over-tourism. So, to avoid straining the beautiful city, leave the popularly-visited Maui and go to the more remote Lanai instead. The city has many iconic places, including the Four Seasons Lanai, composed of museum-quality arts. There’s also the Sensei Lanai, an oasis of verdant hills and tropical flora where activities like horseback riding and forest bathing occur.

\Undoubtedly, it’s high time you started planning your visit to Hawaii with your loved ones. When you eventually get there, please don’t miss out on all the fun places it has to offer. If possible, you can go with your diary so you can document all the fun experiences you will have.


Since the travel restrictions have been lifted, Alaska has opened its international borders to travelers and tourists. It is a vast state famous for its snow-capped peaks, massive national parks, pristine wilderness, and colorful locals. The best part is Alaska is a dynamic travel destination that requires no passport. While you’re there, you can watch activities like the Running of the Reindeer, the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, and the Outhouse Races.


The global shutdown on travel activities in the past couple of years has created a compelling opportunity to visit Antarctica. The whales, penguins, and seals haven’t seen humans in nearly two years; visit the place to see how they react. The White Continent provides access to new polar-class expedition ships, Viking expeditions, etc.

Several animals are peculiar to Antarctica because of how cold the region is. If you must plan a trip here, don’t forget to go in your thick clothes and coverings.


For good reasons, the Bahamas is a long-time beloved travel destination for American travelers. The city has iconic places that are sights for sore eyes, including its crystal-clear waters, sunshine, and sandy beaches. More places to visit in the Island nation include Baha Mar, Crystal Cruises, San Salvador, and Long Island. The Bahamas is the go-to travel destination for relaxing and unwinding from a long work year.

In conclusion, this year presents great places to visit as countries revamp and open their borders to international travel. Whatever destination you choose, it helps to have some travel tips on hand to have the best time.