New York is always worth a trip! Every season of the year, the city that never sleeps has its magic, and there is still something new to discover. Regardless of whether you are only in the town for a few days or even several weeks, it is entirely up to you whether you want to spend your day relaxed or see as much as possible. In any case, there are endless possibilities. The typical sights, delicious food, delicious drinks over the roofs, a shopping paradise on earth, and by chance discovering something new that you won’t find in any travel guide, New York offers you all of this. This article will tell you about my favorite sights and what to do and see after you fly into New York.

1. Top of the rock

In New York, you generally have a few opportunities to admire the city from high above. We liked the Rockefeller Center’s viewing platform, also known as the Top of the Rock, best, which is why we were here again on our second visit to the city. On the way up, you can learn about the origins of the building and the TV and radio channels that are still broadcasting from the building. At the top, you have an unobstructed view of Manhattan and Central Park; one floor below is a plexiglass screen that protects you from the wind. The time around sunset is, of course, incredibly beautiful here.

In late autumn and winter, you have to wrap yourself up thickly, of course, because it gets freezing at the top, and the wind whistles around your ears. On the other hand, you enjoy short waiting times, fewer people, and an unforgettable view of the sea of lights, into which first the evening sky and then the city is immersed. Then you make a detour to the must-see in the run-up to Christmas: to the spectacular Christmas tree and the ice rink directly in front of it, which Christmas fans dream of with every thought of New York. But otherwise, the space in front of the Rockefeller Center is very nice.

2. Central Park

No visit to New York without a stroll through Central Park! The massive facility in the middle of New York is so big – you could spend a whole day here and always discover something new. The incredible view of the adjacent skyscrapers from the cliffs of the Umpire Rock, stroll over the wonderfully romantic Bow Bridge, visit the Ladies Pavilion and enjoy the great view of the park with a picture of the lake.

3. American Museum of Natural History

First of all: you need a lot of time here. Because of the Natural History Museum, the American Museum of Natural History is one of the world’s largest museums. Are you not a museum-goer? Don’t worry, neither do we. Here, however, in 25 interconnected buildings on several floors from the Stone Age to life in space, natural history is conveyed so vividly and entertainingly that you feel like you are in the film “Night in the Museum.” If you don’t have time to wander through the exhibitions for hours, you can choose from the laid out subject areas the ones that interest you most. If you want to see everything, you should expect a whole day.

4. Empire State Building

Top of the Rocks or Empire State Building – you can philosophize for a long time about which view is more beautiful. The fact is: the viewing platform on the 86th floor offers the second-highest view in town. Until March 2020, when the viewing platform “The Edge” opens, it will be the second-highest view in New York. Only the forum on the new One World Center is even higher. The same applies here: buy tickets earlier because the Empire State Building has significantly more visitors and longer queues than the Rockefeller Center. Since it is in the middle between One World Center and Rockefeller Center, you have a fantastic view of almost all parts of the city from here. In the run-up to Christmas, you can see the beautiful lights of the Christmas markets from above. And of course, the top of the building, which is illuminated every day and glitters in different colors.

5. Times Square

You feel like a child in a toy store when you stand in the middle of Times Square and look up, where everything is flashing and glowing. No question about it, the famous square is particularly impressive after sunset when the vast screens all around advertise a wide variety of brands, events, and products. You have the best view from the red stairs in the middle of Times Square. Find a place on the steps, and take your time to be amazed. Musical fans will also find what they are looking for here, as there is a ticket counter under the stairs where you can buy last-minute tickets for the musicals that are being played in New York on the same day shortly before the start.

6. Grand Central Station

After the overwhelming sea of lights and between the incredibly high skyscrapers, you could almost overlook the small station building of Grand Central Station; it looks so inconspicuous. But only until you step in and feel like you are in a different time. In 2013 the largest train station in the world celebrated its 100th birthday, and you can still imagine how travelers hurried to steam locomotive trains through the large reception hall. The main hall alone, with its beautifully painted roof, looks to the starry sky as if you were standing in a magnificent cathedral. Together with the famous, valuable gold clock above the information stand, you will recognize the hall’s image from many films that was shot here.

7.Flatiron building

You know it from quite a few postcard motifs and pictures from New York: the amazing, narrow skyscraper, which has been given the name “Flatiron” due to its triangular shape. The office building from 1902 with the historic clock in the foreground is nestled in the narrow corner where 5th Avenue and Broadway intersect at 23rd Street. Together with the small forecourt and the adjoining Madison Square Park, the Flatiron forms a beautiful photo opportunity.


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