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Transform your Life: The Rise of the Divine Femine

Travelgems, Europe’s leading retreat company, is teaming up with Marriage and Family Therapist Dené Logan for an exclusive retreat experience, a transformative journey into feminine leadership, at Santa Marina Mykonos.  The immersive retreat will involve engaging sessions with Dené, exploring the Rise of the Divine Feminine: encompassing the woman as seeker, pioneer, mystic and powerful embodiment of life force. Witnessing the ‘female’ redefine her purpose, retreaters will dare to believe that their greatest act is to embody the boldest, most engaged, fulfilled and empowered version of themselves.

“Everything about life shifts the moment you realize that you don’t need anyone to be anything other than exactly who you are, for you to decide who you’re going to be,” says Dené. “You are the one you’ve been waiting for.”

During the retreat, participants will enable holistic healing by learning to establish healthy boundaries in all relationships, envisioning deeper fulfillment, overcoming cognitive distortions and learning integrative techniques, like reparenting, to navigate life’s challenges with enhanced empowerment. They will be able to rediscover authenticity and break-free from societal conditioning as Dené shares her expert guidance, bringing her passion for fostering healthy relationships and guiding individuals towards self-empowerment. Ultimately, participants will rediscover authentic aspects of themselves that may have been obscured by life’s adversities and societal conditioning.

The dreamlike setting of Santa Marina Mykonos, nestled in a private peninsula with its own private sandy beach of crystal-clear waters, offers an idyllic backdrop for a journey to self-discovery and personal growth. The elegant, world-class dining, innovative Ginkgo Spa and luxurious accommodations overlooking stunning sea views, will provide the ultimate opportunity to reconnect with your essence and embrace personal power.

Do not miss this opportunity to trust in the truth of who you are. Secure your spot at the Rise of the Divine Feminine Retreat, held October 9-14, 2024, by visiting www.travelgems.com.

About Travelgems: Travelgems, the leading retreat company in Europe, specializes in organizing wellness retreats with world-renowned experts. The company’s purpose is to build a world full of authentic human smiles by enhancing people’s wellbeing. Every retreat has a unique educational pattern that can help participants grow, evolve or change their perspective. The goal is for people to take those lessons and integrate them into their lives moving forward.

About Dené Logan: Dené Logan, a Marriage and Family Therapist and author, specializes in helping individuals find fulfillment in relationships. Utilizing her background in depth psychology, she supports women to reclaim all aspects of themselves. Dené is also co-host of the podcast, Cheaper than Therapy. Her first book, “Sovereign Love: A Guide to Healing Relationships” by Reclaiming the Masculine and Feminine Within, was released by SoundsTrue in May of 2024.

About Santa Marina Mykonos: Experience elegance and exclusivity at Santa Marina Mykonos. Enjoy luxurious accommodations with stunning views of the Aegean Sea, swim at the tranquil private sandy beach or endless Oasis pool, indulge in exceptional dining and rejuvenate your senses at Ginkgo Spa. For more information, visit travelgems.com or santa-marina.gr