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Travel Anxiety: Five Tips For Staying Calm During Your Trip

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Whether it be for work, vacation or other reasons, preparing for a trip can be nerve-wracking. There are responsibilities to handle, plans to make and logistics to cover before taking off. Add to that the concerns about safety in a new location or fear of flying, and it’s no surprise why most travellers experience increased levels of stress during the journey.

While not all stress is bad and very often something unexpected is better than the planned travel, amped-up levels of stress and anxiety can derail your perfect experience. Here are a few tips on how to reduce travel anxiety and stay calm.

Plan Ahead

Anxiety usually makes us procrastinate. When we are stressed or nervous about something, we tend to put it off until the last minute to avoid unpleasant sensations. However, this can only worsen your travel anxiety.

Take some time in advance to make a packing list of all the things you will need. Then start gradually gathering items from the list. Also, make sure to come up with a deadline to plan your flight, work on your itinerary and pack last-minute essentials that you need to grab before you leave home. Checking off those items will help prevent procrastination and keep your journey worry-free.

Consider Packing CBD Products

Using CBD gummies for anxiety or pain is a natural method to provide relief these days. CBD is thought to possess a calming effect by interacting with special receptors located throughout the body. Taking CBD oil can help manage high levels of stress, alleviate pain and chronic aches and even improve sleep quality. Thus, consider bringing a CBD vape pen, infused edibles or drinks with you to keep your stress at bay during your trip. 

However, it is highly recommended to do your own research on the law regulations regarding the use of CBD oil at your destination before packing this supplement in your luggage.

Get Comfortable

Since getting from point A to point B means flying, driving or taking a train, travelling usually involves a lot of downtimes. If you feel anxious on long journeys, make sure you have everything you need to travel in comfort.

Bring a neck pillow, eyeshades, cosy blanket, your favourite snacks or a pillowcase that smells like home. This can be anything that relaxes you personally and provides comfort or distraction. The more comfortable you feel, the more relaxed you will be during your trip.

Practice Breathing Exercises

Controlled deep breathing may seem like an obvious solution, but it remains the fastest method to cut through at the moment when anxiety strikes. Try inhaling through your nose for four counts, holding it for one and exhaling through your mouth slowly for four counts to diminish your heart rate and return your breathing to normal. 

You can also engage in meditation or even try out different anti-anxiety apps like Calm, Colorfy or Dare, which will help to divert your focus and reduce your anxiety.

Keep Your Mind Busy

Distracting yourself can be a perfect coping mechanism for lingering anxiety while travelling. Try to take your mind off by listening to relaxing music, watching a funny movie, doing a Sudoku puzzle or reading a book. This way, you will be so busy focusing on the task and will have no mental space to be nervous!



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