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Travel Guide: How to Achieve an Incredible Camping Experience in Esperance, WA

Photo by Grant Ritchie

Camping is one way to reconnect with nature and oneself away from the usual challenges of life. This outdoor activity has become an escape for many, given its relaxing and exciting numerous things to enjoy. Various fun activities like building a fire, pitching a tent, or even enjoying a simple picnic at the camping site, all these camping activities can surely fulfill the adventure in you.

Camping is enjoyed by many people all over the world. With hundreds of available campsites to explore, the experience has become more exciting, especially today. Particularly in Australia, there are more than 23 million camping trips recorded. With the numerous camping getaway options, Esperance, located in Western Australia, is one of the top choices for many.

So before we go camping, let’s first take a look at the essentials and the top three beach campgrounds and campsites in Esperance, WA.

What to Pack

When camping with family, friends, or alone, having the necessary materials and equipment is necessary. Camping essentials are prepared to ensure you have the needed things to achieve a comfortable and relaxing outdoor experience. Common camping materials you may need include the following:

  • Tent. No matter the time of the day, tents are a must-bring on camping trips. A tent can be your shield from possible heavy wind and rain or protection from sun and outdoor pests during the day.
  • First Aid Kit. It’s vital that you are prepared for anything ahead of you or your companion during the camping and other activities that come with it. Thus, first aid kits are essentials to pack before camping. A basic first aid kit may include bandages, antiseptic, scissors, soap, emergency whistles, and others you may need during an emergency.
  • Food. Camping foods you can bring include canned meats and beans, instant soups, noodles in a pot, bread, crackers, and some other dry goods that are easy to prepare and store.
  • Battery Pack. You might also need rechargeable GPS trackers, flashlights, and headlamps when camping. Of course, you can’t forget your phone or camera to capture the beautiful attractions during several long walks to and from the campsites.

You wouldn’t want to be caught without something to charge on these devices when visiting such beautiful locations. Thus, a battery pack can be a useful tool to ensure you get to charge when you have to.

Always consider the durability, size, weight, and charging ports when looking for the right battery pack. We recommend purchasing a reliable product such as the iTechworld lightweight deep cycle battery. These high-quality lithium deep cycle batteries can efficiently provide power needs during an outdoor activity like camping and are highly available online for fast delivery across Australia.

Top 3 Beach Campgrounds

Want to experience the pristine coastal campgrounds around Esperance? This diverse region has numerous natural wonders you can enjoy. Swimming, fishing, and 4WDriving are just some activities one can enjoy on these beaches. With that said, here are the top three beach camping destinations in Esperance, WA, to consider.

1. Alexander Bay

Found 100 km east of Esperance is Alexander Bay. This destination has become a hotspot for people who enjoy camping with its scenic view and enjoy-filled water activities. Some activities to enjoy include fishing, snorkeling, surfing, etc. Bookings are not needed to camp in Alexander Bay, but campsite fees are regulated by honesty boxes around the campground, mainly for maintenance.

2. Le Grand Beach Campground

If you are looking for a well-equipped campground at the foot of the majestic Mount Le Grand, Le Grand Beach Campground can be a great choice. This incredible beach campground has picnic tables, boats, and even common amenities like toilets and showers for visitors. To camp, booking is needed 180 days before the planned date.

3. Lucky Bay Campground

Lucky Bay is also a must-go campground in Esperance. This mesmerizing white beach offers a great place for water-based activities like canoeing, kayaking, surfing, etc. A night barbecue party or simple day picnics are also possible. Similarly, with Le Grand Beach, a booking is necessary to enjoy camping in the campground.

Top 3 Campsites

Aside from the access to the water and sand at the beach campgrounds, there are also other campsites around Esperance you can explore:

1. Pine Grove Holiday Park

Just a six-minute drive away from Esperance is the Pine Grove Holiday Park. This campsite provides powered sites with numerous enjoyable activities for campers. Away from the standard use of tents, Pine Grove can offer caravans and cabins for extra comfort. Barbecue areas and kid’s parks are also available for good food and spots for all ages.

2. Bushlands Holiday Village

This peaceful and shady campsite provides campers with clean amenities and numerous affordable restaurants for a tasty-filled camping experience. Aside from that, if you have pets to join on the trip, this campsite allows you to bring one! A worthwhile destination to enjoy fun, freedom, and disconnection away from the city.

3. Salmon Gums Community Caravan Park

Similarly to other campsites mentioned above, Salmon Gums Community Caravan Park is a powered site with plenty of shady spots and amenities like a shower, toilet, laundry, kitchen, and others. Camper trailers are also available for occupancy to ensure comfort and convenience throughout the stay.


Particular months of the year, including summer holidays or some other time with average temperatures in Australia, can be an incredible moment to enjoy camping. Just make sure you are well-equipped with food, water, and fuel when visiting camping destinations. This way, you can ensure a convenient and safe camping experience.