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Travel: Bring Your Vibe on Your Vacay

Having successfully weathered the recent halt in travel worldwide, the tourism industry is beginning to adapt to the challenges of the post-pandemic era.  Prompted by the pandemic, people have become more aware of their physical and mental health, leading to the growth of so-called wellness travel. This trend primarily focuses on traveling to achieve and maintain the best health and life balance through activities such as spa and yoga. And, if you ask LELO, sexual wellness. It is all about the pleasure from home on the go. And the industry is responding by creating more and more discreet toys that you can take with you and greatly enhance your pleasure during travels. With this in mind, LELO expands its travel range by introducing yet another one of its big hitters in the travel-sized edition – the LELO DOT™ Travel.

Powerful stimulation in a small, travel-friendly form

With the big success of DOT ™ launch as the new product within the clitoral pinpoint category, LELO takes its success and expands it to a growing travel range. This external clitoral pinpoint vibrator features Infinite Loop™ technology that guides you to precise climaxes, transferring revolutionary motions through its soft and bendable tip. Compact size and discreet design, coupled with powerful features, LELO DOT™ Travel is perfect for solo or couples play, anytime and anywhere.

Thanks to its soft and bendable tip and revolutionary elliptical motion, LELO DOT™ Travel offers climaxing with unmatched precision. It uses the Infinite™ Loop Technology – a figure-eight motion that moves in a constant rhythm with astonishing power and provides a new type of orgasm that feels much stronger and more focused on your pleasure points.

Instead of moving in circles like the classical vibrators, LELO DOT™ follows an elliptical trajectory that allows constant surprises by simply shifting the angle of the toy. It orbits around the erogenous zone, covering every nerve ending with an elliptical pattern, resulting in a sweeping release of sensations. Think of the infinity symbol, and now imagine those same curves gently dotted onto your clitoris in one infinite motion until the climax. This comes from concentrating all the power in a bendable soft silicone tip, allowing for a precise and highly focused approach to self-pleasure.

LELO DOT™ Travel in a nutshell:

  • Perfect travel companion thanks to its compact size and ability to lock it during transport.
  • The pinpoint shape lets you meticulously stimulate any erogenous zone using the soft and bendable tip to steer the oscillations.
  • 8 different modes to experience and explore.
  • Infinite™ Loop Technology.
  • USB rechargeable and fully waterproof.
  • 1-year warranty, and 10-year guarantee.