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Traveling with Medicinal Cannabis

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Frequent users wonder about the likelihood of traveling with weed across state lines. The federal government doesn’t allow for the transportation of marijuana. When one buys weed from a San Diego dispensary, it is normal to be wary about traveling into Arkansas or Nevada. Though it is hard, the endeavor is not entirely impossible.

It all comes down to the means of travel and the climate of regulations in the state one is visiting. The general rule of inter-state travel with marijuana is that one meets the requirements for the destination state. The requirements vary from state to state, and it is advisable to look them up before embarking on your journey.

Inter-State Traveling with Weed

One commonly asked question on the internet is, can you travel with cannabis? The answer to that question depends significantly on the states you travel to. For some states, your medical marijuana license or card is sufficient to allow you to buy and carry your weed. Other states require you to file additional forms.

The basis of interstate travel lies in the reciprocity programs. These programs cover states where medical cards are valid, even from different forms and those that require additional information. The number of states with a lenient reciprocity program is low.

Most states, including New York, do not recognize marijuana cards from other states. This factor means that you must apply for a new medical marijuana card whenever you visit New York. Each state has its requirements and regulations for traveling with weed.

Take Arkansas, for instance; individuals will have to sign up for the state’s medical marijuana program thirty days in advance and pay a non-refundable fee of $50. These state-imposed regulations also determine how much weed a visitor can possess at any one time. Visitors have to carry lower amounts of weed in comparison to residents.

Means of Traveling with Weed

Technologically, people can travel from one point to the next with increased ease. Traveling with medical marijuana is another story altogether. Some means of transportation will offer the best way to travel with weed, while others will not.

When traveling with weed, it is essential to note that some states have yet to legalize its use, let alone its transportation. Also, due to federal imposition, some states ban traveling with the substance. This federal imposition leads to a strict ban on means of travel.

The following are the primary transportation means and their attitude toward traveling with weed:

1 – Planes

Planes are the worst place to travel with weed. They have a general restriction that follows the federal mandate. They frown upon any amount of weed though sometimes they do not conduct thorough enough searches to discover them.

When traveling by train, marijuana, whether recreational or medicinal, is not allowed. Airports have a requirement to report any instances of drug discovery to the local authorities. Considering that the destination could be a state where the drug is illegal, it is always safe not to travel via plane with weed.

2 – Trains and Buses

Trains and buses are the top popular means of transportation. The attitude of different trains depends on the parent company. If the company frowns upon weed carrying, then they do not allow for the open transportation of the same.

When using public trains and buses, you should be aware of the specific regulations of these transit devices. When it comes to using marijuana, they have strict rules against it. For transporting one train or bus, restrictions don’t apply to those of another.

3 – Boats and Ferries

Traveling with weed, regardless of whether it is legal or not, via open waters is a little tricky. With boats and ferries, it is always difficult to pinpoint the end of one jurisdiction and the beginning of another. Considering that you boarded the boat at point A where weed is legal, then ended up at point B, where weed is illegal, it would be hard to tell.

It is better to leave your weed at home when using boats and ferries to be safer. That way, you can navigate the waters with no fear.

4 – Personal Cars

Personal cars are by far the safest way to travel with your weed. As a means of transportation, it affords you the liberty of concealing your weed or even using it as you wish. However, you should avoid using it while operating the vehicle. Regardless of the same, a car is the best way to transport your weed across state lines.

5 – Safe Travels

As you prepare for your trips, it is always helpful to research the state regulations of your state destination. Having your documentation in order is beneficial if they need additional fees and payments to adhere to their reciprocity programs.

You can find yourself on the wrong side of the law by failing to abide by these regulations. General travels with weed are better when using a personal car. This is because your car will rarely get searched, as is expected with planes, trains, and buses.