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2024 Trending Train Travel Aboard Norway’s Breathtaking Scenic Railways

As European train travel experiences a renaissance, Norway stands at the forefront, offering a captivating blend of scenic wonders and sustainable exploration. Sustainable luxury travel curator Up Norway invites travelers to hop on board and discover the unparalleled beauty of Norway through its extensive and eco-friendly railway network. 

Norway’s commitment to accessibility has paved the way for an impressive network of railways, ensuring that even the most remote corners of the country are within reach. Opting for train travel with Up Norway not only provides access to hidden gems but also aligns with a conscious choice for sustainable tourism. With emissions from train travel significantly lower than flying, travelers’ journeys become not just adventures but responsible ones. 

Norway’s Breathtaking Scenic Railways: The Flåm Railway, The Rauma Railway, and Ofotbanen 

  • The Flåm Railway – The World’s Most Beautiful Train Journey
    • Connects high-altitude Myrdal station to the village of Flåm by Aurlandsfjord. 
    • Unforgettable 20 km ride through steep mountainsides, valleys, and cascading waterfalls. 
  • The Rauma Railway – The Golden Train
    • 114 km stretch connecting Åndalsnes to Dombås, rolling through the Romsdalen valley. 
    • Offers access to incredible hiking trails, outdoor adventures, and boutique hotels. 
    • Featured in the Norwegian film “The Gold Run,” based on a true story from World War II. 
  • The Ofoten Line – The Arctic Train
    • Connects Narvik to Kiruna in Sweden, providing a journey through stark Arctic wilderness. 
    • Winter months offer the chance to witness the northern lights.

For the ultimate train experience combining all three scenic railways into an unforgettable 12-day adventure, Up Norway presents the Arctic Circle Express.