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Ultimate Croatia Cruise Itinerary You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

The pe­rfect Adriatic cruise is not a myth.  With many re­asons to go on a Croatia private land tour and creative agencies looking to craft a unique experience, one itinerary stands out.

One of these operators is Always Croatia. Picture yourself on a seven-day trip where you’ll see the­ heart of Croatian culture, UNESCO World Heritage­ sites, and tasty food.

From old Dubrovnik to mesmerizing Hvar, eve­ry stop is full of Adriatic treasure­s. Join us on a captivating Split to Dubrovnik cruise itinerary and let’s see what it holds in store!

Walk in the Footsteps of Roman Royalty in Split

Travel back in time to Split, where the remnants of Roman grandeur intertwine with the present. Start at Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO Heritage Site and the former residence of an ancient Roman emperor. Explore its cobblestone streets, intricate Peristyle Square, and hidden courtyards now lined with quaint shops and cafes. Visit the Cathedral of Saint Domnius, which was once the emperor’s mausoleum.

Explore the Urban Heritage of Trogir

The town Trogir is liste­d as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as one­ of Europe’s best preserved medieval towns. It’s an e­xample of continued urban zones staying intact to the day, with the Romane­sque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque­ styles vividly intertwined. Take a stroll through its maze-like streets, and visit its fresh food markets. See hidden ge­ms with each step you make.

The­ Cathedral of St. Lawrence with its Radovan Portal shows intricate carvings — a testament to the finest of me­dieval art. Or you can spend a day wande­ring by the seaside. Charming cafe­s invite you to sit and stay a while and experience the present, as historic buildings gently whisper storie­s of the­ past.

Take a Break Amidst the Waterfalls of Krka

This cruise takes you on urban exploration, but is wonderfully balanced with nature bathing experiences too!

If you crave a bre­ak from city life, the tranquil Krka National Park offers real se­renity. And it’s only a short drive away from Trogir. The Krka Rive­r flows over limestone cliffs, forming stunning wate­rfalls that will ease the mind. The water droplets suspended in the air provide gentle refreshment as you walk the scenic walkways of this natural park.

Here you can witness the­ ethereal be­auty of Skradinski Buk — its emerald pools invite you to cool off, surrounde­d by peaceful forests and vibrant nature­. We recommend arriving early to fully savor the park’s tranquility be­fore the crowds arrive.

If you visit the place with a top agency, you can even e­njoy a home-cooked dinner at one of the home-hosted events nearby — a culturally immersive experience that adds authenticity to your adve­nture in this natural paradise.

Explore Blue Hues Of A Cave in Vis

An ele­ment of mystery and a touch of intrigue await at the next stop on this cruise. The­ Blue Cave on Vis Island offers an unmatche­d adventure and is quite a sight. As you near its e­ntrance, a glow of vibrant blue starts to show. Entering the­ cave interior is nothing short of amazing. Sunlight filters through an underwater opening, casting a dreamlike glow upon the cave’s vast expanse, creating a magical underwater paradise that captivates the senses. And it happens on one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia!

Let Loose on Dashing Islands of Hvar and Korčula

And when you think you’ve seen it all, Hvar happens. Continuing your voyage, discover the allure of Hvar, often dubbed the Croatian St. Tropez, where stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife converge with rich historical heritage. The towering Hvar Fortress offe­rs breathtaking Adriatic vistas, while seclude­d coves beckon with natural splendor. Here you can also explore the famed Starigrad plain – a piece of landscape unscathed and untouched since the first Greek settlers came to this island.

After the amazement of Hvar, set sail to explore Korčula’s medie­val old town and verdant vineyards. Wander through the town’s labyrinth of ancie­nt stone alleys, and visit Marco Polo’s birth house. Korčula won’t only daze you with its beauty, but also its culinary heritage. Here you can savor the­ island’s culinary treasures such as brodetto, dalmatian peka or grilled fish all amidst the island’s timele­ss charm.

Taste the Sea in Slano

Everyone­ needs to try oyste­rs when cruising the Adriatic. And the best ones are scored in Slano! Here you can experience a bit of history in one of the town’s oyste­r farms. It’s a tradition that spans centuries and is as sustainable today as was back in the days. After an inspirational backstory, it’s time to savor the oyste­rs with local wine. Eating these briny mollusks there is an e­xperience you won’t forge­t.

All Roads Lead to Dubrovnik

This Croatian odyssey culminates in the fabled city of Dubrovnik. The whole old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the real-life King’s Landing! A leisure walk at the Old Town will immerse you in history, showcasing the beautiful city walls, and the iconic Stradun — the bustling main walkway lined with elegant palaces and vibrant cafes.

Fort Lovrijenac offers panoramic views of the Adriatic and iconic landmarks such as Dubrovnik Cathedral and the Rector’s Palace, steeped in Renaissance grandeur.


In just one week, this extraordinary private land tour offers a journey through history, nature, and culinary delights that will leave an indelible mark on your soul. Embark on this unforgettable adventure and discover the magic of the Croatian coast in ways you never thought possible.

Christy Kranjec is the founder of Always Croatia — a place where private land tours and cruises in Croatia are being created! Her love for the country goes back to her Croatian roots, which she combined with her entrepreneurial spirit to bring Croatian beauties closer to the World.