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Ultimate Guide on How to Relax Your Mind

Everyday life can get very stressful and hectic. Our natural response is to slop on the couch and stare at the TV or get busy scrolling through our Instagram feed. As easy and relaxing as this may feel, it is actually the opposite of relaxing your mind. When we are constantly surrounded by noise and everyday hustle, our minds get tired and don’t receive the proper care and attention they deserve. Instead of getting yourself busy with the show, you don’t really care about or the Instagram stories of people you haven’t seen in decades, try taking out the time for yourself and relax your mind. In this article, we will teach you some ways you can relax without having to make any significant effort. 


A lot of the exercises that actually help in calming you down are related to the body’s own defense mechanisms. Our body is built in a way that doesn’t require much outside assistance to function. If you are constantly tensed up and don’t know where to go you are doing it all wrong. Instead of looking around searching for help, sit down and take a look inside. Breathing deeply can allow you to relax your mind and feel the tranquility that nature has to offer. If cultivated the right way, breathing exercises can shift your life around for the better. 

  • How It Works 

Breathing is a natural part of our lives and occurs all the time without our notice. Breathing exercises help bring our attention back to the therapeutic exercise we are performing all the time. The highs and lows of air traveling from our mouths and noses to our lungs and back offer a sense of tranquility and peace that calms us down. The process of breathing occurs all the time and if we allow our minds to focus on the ever-occurring, peaceful process we can get rid of stress and other unnecessary thoughts from our mind. Next time, you are in a stressful situation, try shifting your attention to your breathing and notice the change.

Breathing is a pretty straightforward process. You don’t require any qualifications or education to breathe. Various breathing exercises exist to help you kickstart your relaxation journey. Most of these exercises involve sitting in a peaceful state and breathing calmly. Some common breathing exercises include diaphragmatic breathing, focused breathing, lion’s breath, and more. What works for you might not work for everyone, so give each exercise a shot and figure out what works best. 

Take A Trip

We are often not able to take out time for ourselves and our regular busy lives don’t stop for a second. In such situations, it can be an excellent idea to drop everything and jump on a getaway trip. A fun and exciting trip can help divert your attention from all the stressful stuff going on in your life. This can help relax your mind and give you a new perspective on things. The short trip can go lengths into improving your mood and getting your life together. 

  • Where to Go 

There are numerous places you can go depending on what you feel like at the moment. Some people like going for a thrilling adventure like an amusement park or trekking. Alternatively, some people would like to go to a peaceful hotel where they can reflect on their lives and plan for the future. If you are in Scotland or planning to go there, you can check out a Scottish hotel for its relaxing spas, food, and leisure clubs. You can also go to the beach or take a stroll down the park if you cannot spare a lot of time. 

Muscle Relaxation

Muscle tensing is often associated with a stressed mind. When your mind is not in a peaceful state you subconsciously tense your muscles to help control everything. Muscle relaxation exercises help you identify the tension in your muscles and relieve them through a series of exercises. To relax your muscles you first need to find a peaceful spot, get into a comfortable attire, and begin your regular breathing. Once you have achieved an undisturbed and calm state, try to focus your attention on all your body parts. 

  • How to Start

Start with your feet, shoulders, forehead, or any other part you want and slowly make your way through the whole body. Take your time with each body part, first contract the muscles in that part for a few seconds then release the contraction and relax the part. This can help relax your whole body and you will feel better once you are done.

Life can get pretty hectic sometimes. It is crucial to keep our cool during these moments and keep our minds in check. A relaxed mind can help you make informed decisions and choose the best course of action. We hope this guide taught you something practical you can use in real-life situations to battle stress. 


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