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Unique Things to do and see in Greece

Palaia Epidavros is a small town in the Argolis prefecture of the Peloponnese. Photo by George Girnas

When people think about Greece, they tend to think of the weather, beaches and great food. While it has all of these in abundance, you will find that there is a lot more to it than this. Greece has all kinds of fun activities, unique attractions and a rich history to discover making it ideal for family holidays, romantic trips and solo travellers. So, what are some of the unique things to see and do in Greece?

Walk the Menalon Trail

The Peloponnese peninsula in southern Greece is a hidden gem and home to some of the best less-developed beaches in the country. It is also the perfect place for hikers with the Menalon Trail taking you through picturesque Greek villages and cobbled donkey paths. Be warned, this is graded medium to hard so you need to be in good shape – it might also be better to travel during the colder months as it can get hot in summer!

Yacht Sailing in the Ionian Sea

If you want to live the high life then you will want to try yacht sailing in the Ionian Sea (also a great idea for a romantic activity!). You can relax out on the water and take in the stunning views as you soak up the sun. There are many beach clubs on the mainland and nearby islands that will allow you to enjoy sailing during holidays in Greece, so this is an activity that should certainly be on your list.

Greece’s First Underwater Museum

There is a whole different world below the surface in Greece and you can discover this by checking out Greece’s first underwater museum. This allows you to explore the ancient shipwreck of the Peristera, which dates back to 425 B.C. so it is an incredible site to discover and an amazing experience. You will need to be a certified scuba diver as it is at around 30 metres or there is a virtual reality tour option for non-divers.

The Railway Graveyard

A unique attraction found on the outskirts of Thessaloniki (the second largest city in Greece) is the Railway Graveyard. Here you will find over a thousand decommissioned trains, which creates an eerie yet also surprisingly beautiful site – be sure to take a camera!

Kayaking the Ocean

For active types, kayaking in the ocean is a fantastic activity in Greece. This allows you to discover offshore islands, explore vast sea caves and take in amazing views out at sea. Paddle boarding is a fun alternative with some exclusive beach clubs providing training to help you get started.

As you can see, there is a lot more to Greece than the sun, sea and sand and it is somewhere that has many cool, unique and interesting attractions and activities to discover.