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Strong and Precious Art Foundation Explores Trypillian Culture at this year’s GemGeneve

“Beyond Time”, the Exhibition Inspired by Trypillia, celebrates Ukrainian Heritage and Jewellery this Spring

As GemGenève gears up for its 8th edition, the Strong and Precious Art Foundation is thrilled to announce that it will be participating in the prestigious show for the fifth time, showcasing the rich heritage of Trypillian culture. Spanning a period from c.5,500 BC – 2750 BC in what is now Ukraine, Trypillia represents an important chapter in European history.

Trypillian culture flourished across south-east Europe from modern-day Ukraine to Romania and Moldova. Characterised by distinctive red and orange pottery adorned with curvilinear designs, the Trypillian people practiced shifting agriculture and engaged in intricate rituals. “Our exhibition aims to celebrate the cultural legacy of the Trypillian people and showcase the talent of Ukrainian jewellers,” says Olga Oleksenko, Founder of the Strong and Precious Art Foundation. “Through our collaboration with GemGenève, we strive to highlight Ukraine’s rich jewellery heritage to an international audience.”

The upcoming exhibition will feature designs from emerging Ukrainian designers and established Ukrainian brands, unified by strong symbolism and meaning, designed exclusively for the 8th edition of GemGenève. Komendat, Aga.te, Anton Boyko, and GeO x Iryna Vasylenko will be participating in the art foundation’s collective for the first time, joining previously represented designers Drutis, Inesa Kovalova, Iryna Karpova, Nomis, and Oberig.

To enhance the presentation at GemGenève, the Strong and Precious Art Foundation is collaborating with ceramic artist Victoria Yakusha, the visionary behind FAINA. By incorporating ceramics crafted by FAINA alongside the exquisite jewels on display, the exhibition promises to deliver a captivating fusion of heritage, culture, and contemporary artistry. FAINA’s dedication to preserving and promoting Ukrainian cultural heritage echoes the mission of the Strong and Precious Art Foundation, making this collaboration a testament to an enduring spirit of creativity and craftsmanship.

“With Strong and Precious, our mission is to nurture Ukrainian talent and support the development of the country’s jewellery industry. Within two years, the art foundation has achieved fantastic results, with global exposure for our talented artists, extending beyond Ukraine. Keeping Ukraine in the spotlight is crucial, especially as its citizens persist, needing hope, aid, and international support during the war. We are delighted to see our designers growing their brands, many as a direct result of the exposure gained through the Strong & Precious collaboration,” says Olga Oleksenko.