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Top 5 Neighborhoods for Buying Homes in Palm Springs

Photo by Tom Jackson

The sunshine city of Palm Springs invites with its year-round palm sways, the famous mid-century modern buildings, and the exciting desert life undeniably. Whether you live to play golf, are a party person, or you simply seek to relax, Palm Springs has the neighborhood type to fit the bill. Let’s explore the top five neighborhoods to buy your perfect property

La Quinta Country Club

If you prioritize golfing and an active lifestyle, La Quinta country club is a perfect fit. It has over 20 championship golf courses designed by famous golfers like Arnold Palmer. However, it’s not just about being green. La Quinta offers a relaxed atmosphere with schools, parks, and a great mix of restaurants and stores. Many La Quinta neighborhoods are characterized by breathtaking mountain views and depict a very tight sense of community.

Old Las Palmas

Huddled in the foot of magnificent San Jacinto Mountains, Old Las Palmas is a place with history behind and very wealthy houses and famous people as residents. Originally a neighborhood of celebrities like Sinatra, Taylor or Liberace, the Old Las Palmas radiates with a natural patina of the good old days. 

The tree-lined streets through the neighborhood are decorated with large Spanish Colonial Revival and Mid-Century Modern houses, most of which have been aesthetically renovated to their original perfection. Old Las Palmas is a neighborhood with amazing views of mountains, pristine landscaping and about a mile from downtown Palm Springs where you can find a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions.

TahQuitz Canyon

Tahquitz Canyon is the right place if you want a crowd-free atmosphere and challenging hiking experience while being in the presence of breathtaking scenery. It is an exclusive area that only features the largest luxury estates that offer expansive desert views. Homeowners can have a quiet and closed life but still live not far away from needed services of Palm Springs. The community is famous for its hiking trails and adjacent location to the Mount San Jacinto State Park Tramway.

Little Beverly Hills

Get ready for a walk through time with a home in Little Beverly Hills. This historic neighborhood is a sanctuary for lovers of mid-century architecture. Elegant swim-up bedrooms with concrete mats, wooden ceilings, and relaxing backdrop windows characterize the traditional desert style. The place, with its many nature preserves, provides the residents a chance to experience nature in a calming way, and is at a walking distance to shopping centers and restaurants.

Cathedral City

Cathedral City is blossoming. Before, the streets were characterized by cheap motels only, and now is the turning of the district towards a lively and artistic culture. The cheerful atmosphere appeals to the young professionals and families preferring Affordable Housing options compared to Palm Springs metropolis.

The new downtown is vibrant with hip dining options, arts and crafts spots, and captivating events. Cathedral City is still one of those places where that ruggedness has been tamed by the beauty of nature, so you can enjoy amazing mountain views, and a terrain ready-made for hiking.


Palm Springs has a wide variety of different neighborhoods, each with its own unique features. Whether it’s colonial-style housing you crave in Old Las Palmas or you’re a golfer at heart looking to secure a private piece of land near La Quinta Country Club, there is a neighborhood to fit every need in Palm Springs. With this incredible choice of top five neighborhoods, you will be one step away from discovering your dream home.