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Up Norway Announces New Wittgenstein-Inspired Workcation for Creatives

Wooden boat anchored on a calm, reflective green lake with mist hovering above the water, steep rocky cliffs in the background and a distant cabin nestled among trees

Up Norway, the leading curator of sustainable luxury travel experiences in Norway, is now offering a Wittgenstein-Inspired Workcation. Recognized as one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century, Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein sought inspiration amidst the Norwegian fjords, spending significant periods of his life in the remote region of Skjolden in a wood cabin away from the complexities of urban life and academia. Wittgenstein’s legacy is arguably more relevant than ever as his cognitive semantics research serves as a foundation for today’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, such as ChatGPT. Up Norway’s newest concept takes travelers through the same serene landscapes that once fostered the philosopher’s insights, inviting creatives to a journey of cultural enrichment, philosophical exploration, and creativity.

The unique five-night workcation invites travelers to contemplate in Nes Gard, located just near Wittgenstein’s Skjolden retreat. With panoramic views from a large private terrace overlooking dramatic fjords, majestic mountains, and cascading waterfalls, this charming guesthouse offers a haven for creativity and introspection. In addition, the journey includes a host of enriching experiences such as a private guided visit to Wittgenstein’s cabin, forest bathing or a private guided nature hike tailored to the season and desired challenge level of the guest, and a private harbor fjord sauna session to self reflect on the water. Being near, in or underwater is known to be greatly beneficial in both physical and spiritual terms. The overall sense of well-being is increased, stress and anxiety are reduced and heart and breathing rates lower. Additional nearby activities include cycling, waterfall hikes, RIB adventures on the fjord, paddleboarding, and of course, curated time for contemplation.

Up Norway offers the option to book this journey independently or as part of a more extensive exploration of Norway. Guests are provided with a comprehensive pre-trip digital guide filled with insider tips and recommendations, all travel details, and a 24-hour direct chat to access the Up Norway team with any questions. The optimal times to embark on the Wittgenstein-Inspired Workation Journey are May and September, however, it’s possible to arrange this experience in October, with only the occasional self-prepared dinner in the apartment. The journey includes: five-night half board stay in Lusterstova; Wittgenstein book; a visit to Wittgenstein’s cabin with a private guide as well as a packed picnic lunch, and transport to and from Nes Gard; a private guided nature walk or hike tailored to the season and desired challenge level, complete with a packed lunch; one private harbor fjord sauna session.