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Vacation Spot: Discovering Dubai’s Holiday Attractions

Happy tourist having fun enjoying group camel ride tour in the desert

Finding the best places to enjoy your holiday may be a bit of a task. Here, you can find different spots to relax or have fun. Specifically, if you are going to Dubai on your next holiday.

Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates that has various spots for tourist attractions. It is a very stunning city and you cannot have it all. However, you can find specific spots in Dubai that offer a lot of fun and relaxation services for you to have the best holiday.

Interesting Sites to Visit in Dubai

Dubai’s Desert Safari

You can visit the Desert Safari in Dubai to have the feel of riding camels or walking through the sand dunes. You may go with your family and have a little family dinner. This activity is popular among tourists in Dubai because of its unique experience and adventurous feel. Aside from the beautiful desert landscape view, you get to enjoy fun dune bashing sessions and that roller coaster thrill. More so, apart from the camel rides, you may also get beautiful henna tattoos, go sandboarding, and many more. One thing the Desert Safari promises is a captivating backdrop for amazing pictures, with a touch of scenic sunsets.

Dubai’s Gold Souk

When in Dubai, why not go shopping at the Gold Souk? The Gold Souk is a shopping center for people, especially lovers of gold. It consists of a variety of gemstones and gold jewelry. This showcases the rich heritage of Dubai in gold and metal trading. The Gold Souk market boasts of dazzling displays of gold in different shops. Depending on your personal taste and designs, you can shop in different ranges. They are offered to suit different budgets as well. So, on your next holiday in Dubai, stop by to check out amazing gold products in the Gold Souk market.

Serviced Houses

Depending on your holiday budget, you may want to enjoy more indoor activities or personal time with a special one. In this case, you can look out for holiday areas in Dubai where you can get options for houses to stay in for the time period. You can look for apartments that offer different services to enjoy your holiday even without stepping out. From various amenities to special services, Dubai offers serviced apartments and hotels for visitors, to match their holiday plan.


The United Arab Emirates is one of the countries that the Arabian Gulf is bordered by. The Arabian Gulf is also known as the Persian Gulf, which is a body of water that has 7 countries in its borders. You can enjoy a range of activities and events that take advantage of the beautiful Gulf. You can enjoy different recreational activities and sports involving water. The coastline of Dubai offers luxurious beaches to relax and enjoy the sun. These beaches mostly have hotels with unique amenities for a memorable experience and comfort. If you wish, you may also go on yacht rides to properly explore the Arabian Gulf water.

Emirati Restaurants

You may also visit restaurants to enjoy the best Emirati cuisines. Try the traditional food when on your next holiday in Dubai. You also get to mix with different people and learn more about Dubai culture. You can also get to enjoy a variety of seafood in Dubai, as the city has a beautiful coastline of water. As you try traditional meals, keep them simple and light depending on your taste. You may try out camel meat as well. Don’t forget souvenirs when you are leaving. You should also take pictures and videos of yourself as you try out a new meal, for memories and keepsakes.

Dubai Creek

This creek is a waterway in Dubai. It is about 14 kilometers, forming a division in the city. It divides the city into two sections Deira and Bur Dubai. Deira is on the northern side of the city, while Bur Dubai is on the southern side of the city. The Dubai Creek is historic in its formation as an important lifeline for the city of Dubai, to enhance its growth in the trading sector. The creek is now a mix of modern and traditional structures and elements, for tourist attraction. It boasts of Dubai’s rich culture. The Dubai creek now has different amenities and offers services for the enjoyment of visitors. It is still a symbol of Dubai’s rich heritage.

Final Thoughts

When going on your next trip to Dubai, you should do more research on these places to compare with your budget and adjust as you prefer. Dubai is a city that offers many more adventures for tourists, so you can check out many more options. The options are very wide, but with this, it has been made simpler and more focused. 

If you still want to explore more though, you should definitely try out other sightseeing locations, landmarks, and markets. To make the most of your vacation, engage with the locals, try traditional food, and also try to perform different activities.