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Crete’s Authentic Charm Unveiled at the New Phāea Traditional House

This 2024 summer season, travelers are invited to experience the perfect balance of tradition and minimalist luxury at the newly opened Phāea Traditional House in the ancient Cretan village of Κoutouloufari. Seamlessly blending with its stone surroundings, this residence, accommodating up to five guests, is deeply rooted in the destination as part of the conscious luxury Greek hospitality brand Phāea. The island’s traditions underpin everything, ensuring that guests feel more akin to residents than visitors as they stroll from their home into the village, embracing island life as it’s meant to be lived, slowly.

Meticulously restored, this enchanting, self-catered house showcases design that pays homage to a bygone era while incorporating modern-day amenities. Hand-woven textiles—revered by collectors—punctuate the rooms, offering a comforting nod to this time-honored tradition. Ceramics and wooden furniture also accent the living area, each piece representing the celebration of craft and culture of Crete.

Guests will find a fully equipped kitchen, allowing them to make themselves at home and collect local produce for a Cretan-inspired feast. The living room, complete with a fireplace, provides an inviting space for socializing or unwinding after a day exploring the undiscovered gems of East Crete.

Stylish and private, the Phaea Traditional House offers couples and families alike the comforts of a holiday home with all the elements of escapism. Imagine long, languid afternoons at nearby Hersonissos Beach before meandering back home through the village’s narrow streets and tree-lined squares where locals meet to sip raki. Guests can look up and be in awe of the rugged beauty of the Pyrgias mountains where nature abounds.