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Visit the state of cheese, beer and the Green Bay

The Autumn Road Traveled
Photo by Dave Hoefler

Wisconsin is known for dairy products, cherries, beer, and football. When on vacation in Wisconsin, visit Green Bay, home of the NFL Packers. The audiences are proud of their robustness when they go and watch matches on the ‘frozen tundra’, Lambeau Field. If it’s summer when you’re there, you can see the run-up to the season. At the end of each training session, the children come to the area and lend their bikes to the grown-up players so that they can cycle across the parking lot to the locker rooms.

The Packer fans call themselves “cheese-heads”. If you want to fit in among the most ardent supporters, you can buy an orange foam hat shaped like a cheese before you go and watch a Packer match or bet on the NFL Week 1 odds.

Eat your way through Wisconsin

It’s nice to travel south from Green Bay to the Door Peninsula, where you can buy cherries on your own or a freshly baked pie. The Wisconsin Dells have always been a popular summer destination, with its beautiful view of the cliffs of the Wisconsin River.

German immigrants started some of the oldest breweries in the Midwest in the United States in Milwaukee, which is now the largest city in Wisconsin. Join a tour of one of these old breweries or try one of the many different beers at one of the new breweries. In this area, you can take part in various activities in Lake Michigan – swimming, boat trips in the summer, ice fishing, or ice boat trips in the winter. You can also try curling if you are interested in a bit of a sporty afternoon. 

How do you want to spend your vacation?

There are also a number of cultural offerings here, including renowned art museums, theaters, a symphony orchestra, and casinos.

Madison is the state capital, and here you will find the University of Wisconsin, which has some of the country’s best sports teams at the university level. If you travel to Madison, you can visit ethnic restaurants and shops that are popular with the city’s international students.

The northern part of Wisconsin has large areas of pristine wilderness, which is perfect for hiking, fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities. After a short vacation in Wisconsin, you may be singing “On Wisconsin” with Badger fans from the University of Wisconsin.