“Ventura Highway” Ventura makes the magic real.

America immortalized “Ventura Highway.” Ventura makes the magic real.

Many days and nights have come and gone since America went global with the beautiful melody that is “Ventura Highway,” but in Ventura adventure — and a joyously large brushstroke of California past — still reign supreme. Ventura isn’t smothered in nostalgia, but we haven’t left it behind. We are one of the last real deal Southern California beach towns. Ventura is small town ease. Unpretentious, uninhibited, unconcerned with showy glitz, Ventura drifts, sea breeze easy, under the radar. An easily walkable downtown lined with locally owned restaurants and stores. Friendly people. Uncrowded beaches. Affordable prices. Yep, things are a little slower here. Allowing you to taste the salt on your lips and feel the warmth of a loved one’s hand.
Ventura adventure? World-class surf