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Wayam Mundo Imperial Hotel Presents “Wellness Wayam”

Mundo Imperial's first hotel in Yucatán announces new wellness experiences for all guests and visitors.

Wayam Mundo Imperial, renowned for its commitment to tranquility and harmony with nature, announces its latest offering: “Wellness Wayam.” The new wellness program invites guests to embrace serenity and connection through rejuvenating experiences amidst the beauty of Mérida.

At the heart of “Wellness Wayam” are a selection of nurturing treatments designed to cultivate a state of calm. Guests will indulge in eco-friendly practices, ensuring both personal well-being and environmental stewardship. The experience features three standout offerings:

  • Relaxing Abhyanga Massage: A 60-minute session targeting vital energy points, alleviating tension, and promoting rejuvenation.
  • Back Massage with Himalayan Bowls (Individual): A 30-minute journey into deep relaxation, guided by the vibrations of bronze bowls placed strategically on the back.
  • Harmonization with Himalayan Bowls (1 to 3 people): A 50-minute group session featuring an immersive sound experience with Himalayan bowls. The sounds create an atmosphere of harmony that encourages rest and recovery, giving guests a unique sensory experience designed to transport you to a stage of calm with loved ones. 

“Mérida is quickly becoming the go-to destination for travelers searching for restoration and rejuvenation, and we are excited to introduce ‘Wellness Wayam’ as an extension of our commitment to providing unique guest experiences,” remarked Fernando Zepeda, General Manager of Wayam Mundo Imperial. “Each element of these unique treatments has been carefully curated by our team to offer our guests a sanctuary of calm and connection when visiting our property.”

Wayam Mundo Imperial has long prioritized sustainability and guest well-being, integrating these values into its offerings. The first hotel in Mérida to receive LEED certification, Wayam boasts 52 luxury suites, infusing state-of-the-art amenities with high tech sophistication, urban design and sustainable innovation. Additional amenities at the hotel include a rooftop pool and bar providing stunning city views, Cuna Restaurant and a fitness center.