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Wellness on the go with Lotus Aroma’s Roll-Ons

Lotus Aroma’s Roll-Ons are a convenient natural remedy for a variety of concerns that can come up day to day. From muscular pain to headaches and even insomnia. Natural wellness treatment from plant-based extracts to promote the health of body and mind. Apply on pressure points, such as palms, wrists or back of neck, as often as needed.

Designed to provide targeted relief wherever life takes you, Lotus Aroma’s convenient roll-ons offer natural remedies for a variety of concerns. From stress and headaches to muscular pain, acne, and nausea, these roll-ons have your back (and your temples, muscles, and skin)! Lotus Aroma will support your well-being anytime, anywhere!

  1. Roll-On – Insomnia: A soothing blend of pure true lavender and orange essential oils to help unwind after a busy day.
  2. Roll-On – Stress: A gentle alliance of essential oils highlighting the calming properties of Ylang-Ylang to quiet the mind.
  3. Roll-On – Headache: An invigorating blend where the intense freshness of spearmint is used to provide quick relief from headaches.
  4. Roll-On – Muscular Pain: Restorative Rosemary and Eucalyptus essential oils, combined with Arnica Montana flower extract, help sooth relief from localized muscle aches and pains.
  5. Roll-On – AcneWith purifying Bergamote and Tea Tree essential oils, this roll-on provides a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory wellness treatment that effectively treats Acne and skin blemishes.
  6. Roll-On – NauseaSoothing Sweet Fennel combined with energizing Peppermint essential oils provide a natural wellness treatment that effectively relieve digestive problems & nausea.