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What are the Advantages of Holidaying by Gulet?

Gulet sailing boat in Kekova Bay, Antalya Province, Lycia, Anatolia, Mediterranean Sea, Turkey

Holidaying by Gulet offers a unique experience for holidaymakers who want to discover the unique beauties of the Mediterranean and Aegean. This sea holiday provides the opportunity to travel on a comfortable yacht and also offers a personalised and unforgettable holiday experience. Gulets are ideal for both small groups and large families and are an excellent option especially for those who love to enjoy the sea and the sun. Here are some of the advantages of holidaying by gulet:

Personalised Experience: Gulet holidays allow holidaymakers to set their own routes and schedules. This makes your holiday completely tailored to you.

Spectacular Views: Gulets offer the opportunity to explore coastal areas. The view from the sea is breathtaking and unique.

Comfort and Convenience: Gulets are usually equipped with spacious decks, comfortable cabins and living areas. This allows holidaymakers to travel in a comfortable and luxurious environment.

Special Kitchen Experience: Gulets usually have private chefs and offer delicious seafood and local dishes. You have the opportunity to personalise your meals.

Calmness and Peace: A holiday spent at sea offers calmness and peace. Listening to the sound of waves on the gulet and sleeping under the stars makes your holiday even more special.

Water Activities: Gulet holidays offer the opportunity to try water activities such as swimming, snorkelling, diving. There is the opportunity to have fun in the water around the boat.

Adaptability to Conditions: Gulet holidays can adapt to weather conditions. You can sail on windy days or stay in calm waters.

Group Holiday: Gulet holidays are a great option for groups of friends or families. Travelling together makes your holiday even more special.

Accessible Hidden Bays: Gulets offer the opportunity to go to hidden bays inaccessible to land. You can get away from touristic areas and enjoy nature.

Gulet holidays are a unique opportunity for those who want to enjoy the sea and sun. It allows holidaymakers to enjoy a personalised experience, comfort and natural beauty. If you want Gulet charter in Turkey, we definitely recommend Best Choice Yachting.

How Much Does Gulet Charter Cost in Turkey?

This type of sea holiday is often preferred for families, groups of friends or special events. However, the cost of gulet charter varies depending on a number of factors. Here are some of these factors:

Size and Characteristics of the Boat: Gulet boats can be of different sizes and specifications. Larger and luxury gulets usually require a higher charter fee.

Season and Date Range: Gulet charter prices may vary according to holiday seasons. High seasons are usually more expensive. Also, early bookings may offer better prices as demand is high during certain holiday periods.

Charter Period: Gulet charter cost varies according to the number of days you want to charter. Weekly charter is usually more economical.

Age and Condition of the Yacht: Prices may vary according to the age and maintenance condition of the yacht. New and well-maintained gulets may have higher prices.

Yacht Capacity: How many people the yacht can accommodate determines the charter price. Larger yachts can usually cater for more people and therefore may cost more.

Services Included by Yacht: Some gulet charter prices include additional services such as catering. This is also a factor affecting the cost.

Gulet charter prices are usually calculated on a daily or weekly basis and can vary greatly depending on the above factors.

How Much are the Daily Gulet Charter Prices in Turkey?

Daily gulet charter prices in Turkey vary depending on a number of factors. These factors include elements such as the size of the gulet boat, season, date range, routes, age and state of maintenance of the yacht, capacity and services included. Daily gulet charter prices vary from smaller and older boats to larger and luxury boats. We recommend you to browse bestchoiceyachting.com to find the best prices for yacht charter in Turkey and spend a peaceful holiday.

Is Marmaris a Good Region for Gulet Charter?

Marmaris is a popular and beautiful area in Turkey for gulet charter. Marmaris is surrounded by the blue waters of the Aegean Sea and provides easy access to the unique beauties of the Mediterranean Sea. This region has a number of advantages that make it attractive for both Turkish and foreign tourists. Marmaris has many different gulet options, making it more likely that holidaymakers will find a boat to suit their budget and preferences. Marmaris harbour serves as a port where gulets can comfortably depart and return. For this reason, Marmaris is considered a good region for gulet charter in Turkey.

Marmaris also offers many additional activities and services for holidaymakers. The city centre is famous for its restaurants, shopping spots and nightlife. Besides, Marmaris and its surroundings offer many attractive places for those who want to make historical and cultural excursions. Therefore, Marmaris is an excellent starting point combining both sea and land activities to make your gulet holiday unforgettable.

What are the Differences Between Gulet and Motoryacht?

Gulets and motor yachts are two different types of boats used for sea holidays and there are some basic differences between them. Here are the main differences between Marmaris motor yacht charter and gulet charter:

Structure and Design:

Gulets: Gulets are traditionally built of wood and are sailing boats with two or more masts. They usually have a sailing structure.

Motoryachts: Motoryachts are mostly made of fibreglass or other modern materials and are motor boats. They do not use sails.

Speed and Engine Power:

Gulets: Gulets are sail-driven and generally sail at lower speeds. Their engine power is smaller and sails are the main driving force.

Motoryachts: Motoryachts have powerful engines and can cruise at higher speeds.

Comfort and Living Areas:

Gulets: Gulets generally offer more living space. They are equipped with spacious decks, comfortable cabins and seating areas.

Motoryachts: Motor yachts can be more compact and living areas may not be as spacious as gulets.

Passenger Capacity:

Gulets: Gulets are generally suitable for larger groups or families and can accommodate more passengers.

Motoryachts: Motor yachts are generally preferred for smaller groups or private family holidays.

Holiday Style:

Gulets: Gulet holidays are popular for those who like to enjoy the tranquillity and nature at sea. Often their routes can be calmer and the scenery more natural.

Motor yachts: Motoryacht holidays are suitable for those who want to move faster and explore different places. They offer a more active holiday style.

Both types of boat have their own unique advantages and your choice may vary depending on your holiday style and needs.

Where to Have the Most Affordable Yacht Holiday in Europe?

If you are looking for an affordable yacht holiday in Europe, the Marmaris region of Turkey offers a great option. Marmaris has become a popular destination for sea holidays for both Turkish and foreign tourists and is ideal for those looking for an affordable yacht holiday. Especially Best Cohoice Yachting company is among the most preferred yacht companies recently.

Marmaris also offers beautiful bays, historical regions and local delicacies. The city centre is famous for its restaurants, shopping places and nightlife. In addition, Marmaris and its surroundings have many attractive places for those who want to make historical and cultural excursions. For all these reasons, Marmaris is an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable yacht holiday in Europe.