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What are the best ways to pay when traveling internationally in 2023?

Image by Joshua Woroniecki

Until approximately a decade ago, travelers could access hospitality services, travel, and related perks only using credit or debit cards. Bank transfers would take plenty more time to process, and the financial benefits were not as accessible as they are today. As post-COVID travel itineraries have changed, so have individuals’ paying and spending behaviors, pushing businesses to implement new payment methods that cater to clients’ needs. 

Decentralized and cryptographic payments that eliminated the need for a third party’s involvement seemed like a cyberpunk dream fifteen years ago. However, today it is possible to make transactions that remove some of the common issues in the traditional payment system. You can access a wide range of products and services with cryptocurrency, from airline tickets to accommodation. Bitcoin, the first digital currency that could be used to buy goods, is still the leading virtual coin whose price is checked the most when travelers look to introduce it to their wallets to spend it on their vacations. This is just an example of how far the payment system has gone from the shells used in the 16th century to make trades, facilitating today’s cryptographic transactions that provide a high level of anonymity and privacy, two characteristics that draw some travelers to the asset. 

Out of all the details that need to be planned when creating a travel itinerary, the way you’ll manage day-to-day expenses is inarguably the most important. Making payments abroad can be expensive if you don’t weigh the applicable interest charges and fees or resort to using methods you’re comfortable with, like using your home currency. 

To remove the stress from the equation and help you ensure you’re not overpaying, this guide will walk you through the best payment options you should consider adopting on your next travel this year.