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What Do Digital Nomads Do in Their Spare Time?

Man Laptop Work Digital Nomad
Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke

The life of a digital nomad can sound like one of adventure and romantic idealism. Imagine traveling the world whilst you use your key tech devices to work remotely in almost any location on earth. The lifestyle sounds particularly appealing to younger people who want to see exotic countries without needing to return home after a week or two by earning a substantial wage as they travel. Today, the appeal of the digital nomad lifestyle is such that it is estimated that there are around 35 million digital nomads globally. These modern workers contribute approximately $787 billion to the world economy. For people who are new to the concept of digital nomads, it can be fascinating to understand their lifestyle and outlook on work. This article explains three specific activities that a digital nomad may undertake when they are not working for their remote employer or travelling from country to country.

Use Their Tech for Thrills

Key tech components for most digital nomads include a modern laptop, smartphone, and battery storage devices. They are vital when working and communicating with their friends and relatives and can also be used to navigate from place to place effectively. These tech devices can also be used to fuel their pastime activities for fun and excitement. Thrill-seeking digital nomads will be well-versed in searching for the best payout casinos and spending an evening gambling online. Many digital nomads are risk-takers and adventurers by their very nature and find that testing their luck and skill at virtual poker tables across the globe can be a satisfying way to unwind and feel excited. The social aspect of such games is also important as many digital nomads are lone travellers and may spend time in new locations where they need time to build a social network.

Learn Native Languages

Many digital nomads seek to travel to far-flung destinations that are a long way from traditional tourist hotspots. As such, they will quickly find that their native language is not frequently spoken in many locations. There is a need to take time to learn local languages as they travel so that basic functions such as finding a room to stay in or buying supplies can be undertaken without undue levels of difficulty. Once again, personal tech is often utilized to facilitate this learning. Thankfully, there is a wide range of both free and paid language apps, such as Duolingo, that can be accessed from most smartphones.

Blog Their Adventures

Once again, the power of tech is harnessed to help digital nomads document their journeys. Years ago, travelers would have kept physical journals of their adventures, but today’s tech-savvy globe trotters understand how to leverage the power of social media and photography apps to produce regularly updated accounts of their exploits. Some digital nomads may set up a dedicated website to write about their journeys, while others may produce short but snappy posts on sites such as Instagram or Facebook, to document their latest activities. Digital nomads tend to be adept with photography and may post-process their pictures and videos to give professional and interesting visuals along with their blogging.