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What Is The Importance Of Prebiotics In Kendamil Organic Stage 2?

Photo by Michal Bar Haim

Kendamil Organic Formulas have recently gained great popularity amongst new parents, and rightfully so. They are a complete package deal of everything an infant could ask for, be it nutrients, minerals, or vitamins.

But what if we tell you they bring something extra to the table that is extremely beneficial for infants in their initial years? We will discuss the benefits of prebiotics as an ingredient in Kendamil Stage 2.

So, let’s get right into it!

What Are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics, also commonly known as the ‘good bacteria,’ are non-digestible ingredients in the gut environment. Although not necessary, they sure make up for a healthful addition.

Prebiotics are found in everyday food items like oats and barley. However, the bad news is that an infant cannot devour either of those (or other prebiotic-rich fruits) at the vulnerable age of 6 months. So, baby formulas are expected to have adequate prebiotics as an additional ingredient.

Kendamil Organic formulas, exceeding parents’ expectations in all ways possible, have won hearts in this regard too. Kendamil Stage 2 is particularly rich in prebiotics to facilitate the healthy growth of your baby’s digestive system.

Why Are Prebiotics an Important Ingredient in Kendamil Organic Stage 2?

Here’s a list of benefits that will convince you of the efficacy of prebiotics.

Providing Strength To The Immune System

Babies are exposed to several illnesses and bacteria in the environment as they grow. So, you must have a counter-treatment for them. Photo by Michal Bar HaimFortunately, prebiotics come to play and save the day!

Prebiotics directly influence how strong an infant’s immunity system is when it comes to fighting against harmful pathogens, etc.

Healthy Cognitive Development

Although this isn’t widely known, evidence shows that prebiotics impact a baby’s cognitive development. This is because prebiotics creates an internal environment that leads to the production of short-chain fatty acids.

These fatty acids, in turn, have a huge role in helping your baby explore the world around him, give in to creativity and learn from their experiences.

It’s a win-win!

Maintaining a Healthy Gut Environment

As discussed above, the primary job of prebiotics is to maintain and continuously regulate a healthy gut environment. Since digestive issues and discomfort are common problems for growing infants and their parents, prebiotics can be the cure you may be looking for.

Kendamil Stage 2 aims to establish a healthy basis for digestive health and growth. And needless to say, it has been successful in doing so. Parents have reported that after switching to Kendamil Stage 2, it was as though all sense of digestive discomfort had disappeared.

After all, a healthy gut means a happy baby, right? What more could an infant-parent possibly ask for?