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What is the myth about staircases in the woods?

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The heart of folklore has a peculiar myth shrouded in whispers and mystery, a tale that has over the years captivated the imagination of many inquisitive persons.  This tale is a story of staircases that are found unexpectedly at the hearts of wooded areas. Many people believes that these staircases lead to nowhere. Over the years, these enigmatic structures seemingly leading t nowhere have sparked countess conjectures, explanations and myths. In this post, we will explore the captivating myth of staircases in the woods, its history, experiences and possible explanations.

History of Staircases in the woods

Just like the legends usually find their roots in ancient tales, the myth of staircases in the woods has been passed down through generations. The history of staircases in the woods has been revisited and recorded by different scholars. For years, various cultures around the globe have tried to pass and share stories of these perplexing structures that are set in the depths of woods. This has obviously created a tapestry of interconnected folklore. If for example we take the Cherokee or Navajo tribes of Native America, the staircases in the woods are believed to be gateways to some spirits. In the European folklore, you will find interrelated narratives where different cultures believes these structures are remnants of ancient magical places. Some other cultures believe that these staircases are forgotten pathways leading to hidden treasures.

Real-Life Encounters

There are no recorded real time encounters with these structures in the wood despite its mythical origin. However, some hikers, park rangers and outdoor enthusiasts claims that they have come across these structures in remote areas. The accounts shared with different people usually have a common thread-a feeling of unexplainable sense of being watched, unease and fear. Some individuals recount the staircases in the woods being pristine. They appear to not have been touched by elements or time which is a serious contrast sparkly with their woody natural surroundings.

Although there are few individuals brave enough to venture up these structures, few of them were able to describe the real feeling. Some of them claimed feeling a sense of unease as if they were trespassing a forbidden territory. Some phenomenon shared claims that people who climb the stars may experience strange instances such as disorientation. However, these are some of the shared anecdotes and there’s need to approach them with a healthy dose of skepticism because of lack of tangible evidence.

Interpretations and Theories

Numerous theories have emerged trying to explain the myth of staircases in the woods. One worth noting theory suggests that these staircases in the wood are just remnants of some forgotten structures that were setup many years ago. These can easily be fire lookout towers or abandoned cabins where the surrounding structure has decayed and collapsed. They believe that over the time, nature reclaims these structures and only the mysterious stairs are left as an eerie testament to the past.

There are other theories that proposes a more supernatural explanations. The theory claims that these staircases in the woods are gateways or portals between different realms. Supporters of this theory claims that these structures being free standing and lacking any usable purpose are not in constant with our worlds. They are therefore conduits which entities and energies from outside existence can interact with the reality.

If you are a skeptic like many of us, you would definitely argue from a more rational viewpoint. Skeptics believe that the myth of staircases in the wood is just a natural phenomenon for humans to try and seek meaning where none exists. The human brain is wired to seek and interpret different patterns which can often misinterpret natural formations such as rock formations and fallen trees. Skeptics, on the other hand, offer a more rational viewpoint. They posit that the myth of staircases in the woods is a product of the human mind’s tendency to seek patterns and find meaning where none exists. They argue that the human brain, wired to recognize and interpret familiar shapes and objects, may misinterpret natural formations, such as fallen trees or rock formations, as staircases. This psychological phenomenon is known as pareidolia and might be playing a role in interpreting the myth of staircases in the woods.


It doesn’t matter whether the myth of staircases in the woods is wired in the modern day storytelling or in ancient folklore, each interpretation has its own stand point. There’s no known evidence surrounding any of the myths, and interpretations shared by different cultures.