With holiday plans currently on pause for travellers around the globe, the Yukon territory is patiently waiting to welcome visitors back in 2021. Situated in the upper Northwest corner of Canada, next to Alaska, the Yukon is Canada’s most accessible northern destination. Home to Canada’s highest mountain (Mount Logan) and the planet’s largest non-polar icefields located in Kluane National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage site – the breath-taking territory is truly a wonderland.

What’s New for 2021

The 125th anniversary of the Yukon Gold Rush.The discovery of Klondike gold in 1896 began a stampede of more than 100,000 prospectors. There’s still gold here, but today it’s the period’s captivating history that draws visitors to the territory. Gold Rush town, Dawson City, looks and feels like an old movie set; it truly is a remarkable place. It featured in Disney’s Call of the Wild movie released earlier this year, starring Harrison Ford. 

Visitors will find so many ways to experience the Klondike Gold Rush heritage. The world-renowned Chilkoot Trail hike traces the prospectors’ path from Skagway, Alaska, through the Yukon to Bennett Lake (BC). Across the ravine, the White Pass and Yukon Route railway chugs over the pass. In between the trail and the tracks, a scenic highway winds through the coastal mountains to the charming village of Carcross, in the Yukon.



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