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What to Do When You Get Injured While You’re Out Travelling

We all have to travel, whether it be to the store, to work, or recreationally. However, while traveling in an ideal world would be free from potential hazards or danger, this is not always the case, and sometimes injuries can occur. Injuries can occur as a consequence of the negligence of another person, because of the intention of another person, or completely by accident and nothing to do with people [nature, animals, etc.]. Knowing what to do in the face of injury can be very important and can ensure your injuries do not worsen.

In this article, we will answer our titular question: what should you do when you are injured while out traveling? It is a good question, for many struggle to answer it when they find themselves injured while traveling. Behaving responsibly is very important, as in many cases, not behaving correctly can lead to much more serious injuries.

Here is what you should do when you are injured while out traveling.

The Nature of Injury

To properly answer our titular question, we must first understand there are a wide variety of injuries that can occur. We will try to answer each one individually:

Injuries Caused by Negligence

Injuries caused by the negligence of other people can be the most devastating. The reason being, they do not mean to harm you, and their lives are impacted by your injury; your life is impacted by your injury; the lives of those who witnessed the accident may be impacted, and your family and theirs will have to suffer from the consequences of their actions. A typical example of an injury caused by negligence is a car accident.

Car accidents are on the rise, and drivers seem to be growing more and more careless. For example, in South Carolina, there has been a massive 10.5 increase in fatal car accidents in the last few years, and according to one car accident lawyer Manning, SC, car accidents happen every single day. Because of how severe the consequences of a car accident can be, if you find yourself injured as a result of one, it is very important that you first contact an ambulance, then the police, and finally an attorney: you must take the offending party to court. They cannot be allowed to escape by injuring you and they must be punished.

Injuries Caused Intentionally

The first bit of advice that we can give you concerning injuries that have been caused intentionally is that you should get as far away from the person attempting to injure you as possible. Hanging around will allow them to cause you further injury and will mean their attack can continue. Put distance between you and your attacker and scream as loudly as you can for help. Even after your attacker has gone, continue putting distance between the two of you, while still shouting for help and, if possible, stopping passers-by to notify them.

Once out of harm’s way, depending on how severe your injuries are, call an ambulance. If they are not so bad, you may not need to call an ambulance but should still seek some form of medical help. You must call the police and identify your attacker if you know them, and if not, provide an accurate description that will help the police to find the person and arrest them. Never refuse to press charges against an attacker, for it will allow them to continue to hurt people without consequence. Press charges and sees it all the way to court. You may also want to seek help with your mental health in the aftermath of your attack.

Injuries Caused by Nature

Injuries caused by nature can still be very serious. As with our last point, the first advice that we can give you is that if an animal is attacking you, to get away from it. If in the wilderness, remember some animals can climb trees, so if, for example, a bear is attacking you, climbing a tree will not work; it is best to put distance between you and an attacking animal if possible. If you see a wild animal, it is often best to stay still, and they will ignore you. If you have been injured because of a falling tree or you have fallen over, call for an ambulance. When you are out in the wilderness a minor injury can very quickly become life-threatening, so be sure to call for help so that you can be rescued and so you don’t become stuck or trapped out in the wilderness.

With the help of this page, you now know all that there is to know about what to do after you are injured while traveling. A common theme throughout this article is to contact a medical professional or ambulance, and we stand by that; that may well be the most important suggestion featured in this article.


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