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Which Countries are Famous for their Entertainment Hubs?

At one point, if you had to list the top filming locations across the world, you would have a very predictable outcome. With that being said, things are changing. Government investments and financial incentives are changing the status quo, and now new countries are leading the charge by constructing new and exciting entertainment hubs.

Canada- Ontario 

Canada is experiencing a huge boom in online entertainment. A lot of this comes down to the Online Streaming Act. This encourages filmmakers and movie producers to embrace the local scene while requiring streaming platforms to embrace Canadian content more. With a lot of areas in Ontario being somewhat rural, people in the country tend to rely on online entertainment over visiting traditional cinemas and casinos.

As a result of this, streaming and online gaming are on the rise. 76 percent of Canadians now watch Netflix and online casinos are experiencing an annual growth of 6.44%. As a result of this bolstered growth, the live casino Ontario sector is offering a variety of games, from slots to live poker and roulette. This is helping to give Canada the chance to appeal to a worldwide audience, putting the country on the map as being one of the top entertainment providers in the world.

Photo by Roberto Nickson

China-Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a very impressive cityscape. It’s been used in countless movies too.

The indigenous film sector is being fully embraced and is nothing short of legendary. While Cantonese might be the main language of films made in the country, movies do cater for an English audience. Co-productions are often made in English, and done by an English-speaking crew. This makes the city particularly attractive when it comes to action comedies and directors who need a futuristic-looking filming location.

Hong Kong’s video game market is thriving too, with an emphasis on mobile gaming as well as a growing interest in competitive games and eSports. This newly garnered interest is leading to the creation of new entertainment hubs and eSports complexes, which is helping to make it a haven for gamers.

Photo by Jimmy Chan

Hungary- Budapest 

Budapest has recently become the go-to destination for high-end TV shows. It’s not hard to see why either. With picturesque landscapes and tax rebates for movie production, it’s a real hot spot for movie makers. In 2019, direct investment in the film helped Hungary to experience a 50% jump in filming production. 94% of this came from international features and TV shows. With state-of-the-art productions popping up all the time and blockbusters, including Dune being filmed there, it’s quickly becoming known for its entertainment scene.

With 59% of Hungarians under the age of 65 playing games regularly, and video game spending on the rise, Hungary is proving that it has a place amongst the top-ranked countries for entertainment. As the years go by, Hungary is also witnessing the creation of new gaming hubs and complexes, all of which are popular with locals due to their accessibility and entertainment value. 

Hungary is certainly proving that it belongs amongst the greats when it comes to entertainment, with Canada and China blazing their path to the top as well. These are the countries to watch if you’re a fan of gaming and streaming.