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Why Getting a Good Lawyer Can Make All the Difference

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Lawyers are an integral part of our society. There was a time, somewhat recently, when man’s problems were handled at the end of a barrel. This time, when dueling was legal, was a barbaric and abhorrent period of man’s history, only some two hundred years ago. Thankfully, this sordid chapter has drawn to a close, and man now deals with his problems, rather than in a muddied field, in courtrooms. Lawyers are absolutely essential to us resolving legal disputes, and if we were without them, we would likely fall into abject barbarity.

There is a line that must be drawn, however, between a good lawyer and a bad one. Not all lawyers are of the same caliber, and rather the opposite, some are completely awful. A lawyer who conducts himself (or herself) badly is a detriment to our case and a detriment to the respectability of their profession. Lawyers should all aim to be the best that they can be, but unfortunately, you find degenerates in all walks of life, and lawyers are not exempt from this. Finding a good lawyer is absolutely critical, should you want your case handled properly, responsibly, and respectably.

This page will tell you why getting a good lawyer can make all of the difference and why you should never settle for subpar legal representation.

No Win No Fee

A good lawyer will, despite financial hardship, still represent you if there is a chance you can win. This is a practice called ‘no win no fee’. No win no fee attorneys are often the best of the best, and rightfully so, as they do not get paid unless they win. It is absolutely critical that should you find yourself in financial hardship because of personal injury – facing a lawsuit – or in need of legal aid, that you contact a no win no fee attorney. These attorneys are often the crème de la crème of the legal profession and the attorneys with the most experience battling it out in courtrooms. You will often find attorneys who do not offer such an elite service charging disproportionate sums of money. The legal specialists from Jacoby and Meyers explain that after a personal injury, very few people want to emerge and help – insurance companies will be reluctant to pay you, and you may be alone. It is then, at your worst when a no win no fee personal injury attorney can come and help you.


Getting a good lawyer can mean you receive justice. Lazy, unskilled, and inexperienced lawyers will never be able to bring you justice, and when they do, it will be out of luck. A good lawyer will be so passionate about your case that they cannot relax until you have found justice – and that is all they care about. There is no financial incentive for them, no, rather it is entirely you receiving the justice that they care about. You must find an attorney who is enthusiastic and passionate about bringing you the justice you deserve so you can return to your life and live it normally, without fear of financial hardship, and without having to worry about your injuries not being compensated. Justice is at the forefront of every honorable and good attorney’s mind.


A good attorney will be, as aforementioned, passionate about bringing you justice – but not only that, they will be passionate simply about winning. When looking for a Criminal Defense in Sugar Land, look for an attorney who takes pride and integrity in what they do; it is the lazy, unscrupulous attorneys that do not. A good attorney will not be satisfied until they have delivered the verdict that they are hoping for, out of pride and passion. Good attorneys do not want something besmirching their name, nor a lost case on their record. You can easily determine whether or not an attorney is of a good crop, as if they are not, they will seem disinterested and careless, will not follow up on leads, and will not contact you unless it is absolutely necessary. For some attorneys, the legal profession is a business, for others, a lifestyle. You will want to find the latter caliber of person rather than the former, for the former can offer you no benefits.


Any legal experience can be stressful, even with the best legal representation. With that said, however, good, honest legal representation will help to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that is inevitable during your case. Good legal representation will tell you the facts as they are and do their best to make you feel better and settle your anxiety. Unscrupulous and unworthy legal representation will lie to you, sugar coat everything, falsify facts, and make things up. You never know where you stand in your case, or with your attorney, when you hire an unscrupulous lawyer. Getting a good lawyer can make all of the difference because it can make the lawsuit experience less angst-provoking and more relaxing and seamless – you sit back while they do all of the hard work and get you the justice that you undeniably deserve.


A good lawyer will make you want to return to them should you ever have any legal difficulty again in the future. And, while you will probably hope and pray that you do not, life is not always like that, and oftentimes we do find ourselves having more than one legal difficulty during our time on Earth. A good attorney will encourage you to return them every single time you experience legal difficulty and will have you enjoying seeing them again and speaking to them as if they were an old friend. It is the very character of a good attorney that attracts us to them – it is radiant and something that shines through and touches us. When you have experience with a good, honest, caring attorney, you will never forget it, nor will you ever go anywhere else. A good attorney is a friend for life – a good attorney cares.

Now, with the help of this page, you can discern between a good and bad attorney, and know why a good attorney makes a lot of difference. Dealing with unscrupulous and unprofessional attorneys can be a headache, but now, you know how to find the best of the best and what character traits to look for.


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