The UK capital London comes out on top as the most Pinned city in the world, followed by Paris, Dubai, Rome and Barcelona.  

Cities with the Most Pinterest Boards

1. London #1992 boards11. New Orleans #998 boards
2. Paris #1981 boards12. Seattle #998 boards
3. Dubai #1911 boards13. Las Vegas #997 boards
4. Rome #1606 boards14. Miami #997 boards
5. Barcelona #1053 boards15. Chicago #994 boards
6. Orlando #1001 boards16. San Antonio #982 boards
7. New York #999 boards17. San Francisco #974 boards
8.Venice #998 boards18. Charleston #969 boards
9. Boston #998 boards19. Washington DC #921 boards
10. San Diego #998 boards20. Amsterdam #852 boards

1. London: 1,992 Travel Boards: The capital city of the UK appeals to both local residents as well as tourists visiting from overseas due to the immense political and royal history, awesome architecture from London Bridge to the Shard and an incredible food scene. London city break boards include Pins offering advice on the Mistakes to Avoid When Visiting London (such as making sure you stand on the correct side of the elevator, and not tipping too much!) through to beautiful lesser-known sights such as the Rose Garden in Hyde Park, and the colourful houses in Bywater Street.

2. Paris – 1,981 Travel Boards: The French capital is inspiring travel for Pinterest users all over the world, all year round, with people pinning ideas for Paris particularly in the autumn and Christmas seasons. Poilâne Bakeries are frequently pinned (thanks to their popularity on Instagram) as well as other ‘cheap eats’ options such as Happy Nouilles, Café Lomi and Au P’tit Grec.

3. Dubai – 1,911 Travel Boards: The UAE city of Dubai is hugely popular on Pinterest, with travel boards bursting with well-known attractions such as the Dubai Fountains and the Burj Khalifa. There are also plenty of pins for ideas for cheaper things to do in a notoriously expensive city, such as a visit to the Jumeirah Mosque, the Butterfly Garden and getting street food at Boxpark at Al Wasl Road.

4. Rome – 1,606 Travel Boards: The historic city of Rome is massively popular on Pinterest, with lots of people creating boards for where to eat. Being the capital of carbs with pizza and pasta eateries galore, Pinterest-ers have taken to pinning gluten-free options such as Mama Eat!, ÈCru Raw Food and Il Viaggio.

5. Barcelona – 1,053 Travel Boards: Barcelona’s extraordinary architecture gets plenty of love on users Pinterest boards, from Casa Batllo and the Palau de la Música, to Gaudí’s arches in Park Guell and of course the Sagrada Familia. Tapas bar ideas also feature prominently on Barcelona Pinterest boards, especially the likes of El Rincon del Cava in Poble Sec and La Plata in the Gothic Quarter.

The full breakdown of holiday destination boards on Pinterest can be found on the Premier Inn website here:


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