For so many of us, the anticipation of a summer holiday is what helps us get through the rest of the year. The dream of hot white sand, cold cocktails and long warm nights keeps us working solidly through the winter.

More than ever, travellers this year will be eagerly awaiting news of when they can travel and while summer seems like the obvious suspect, travelling in spring has many benefits. Whether you have your heart set on far-flung shores or you’re longing to take an escorted holiday to Croatia, here’s why you should consider travelling in spring.

You could save yourself some money

Outside of term time, we all know the cost of flights and accommodation skyrockets. Deals and discounts are often sparse during the peak summer months from July through to mid-September. By travelling in the off-peak spring months, you could save yourself a nice amount of cash.

Take advantage of last-minute booking deals and book your spring accommodation well in advance for the best prices. If you are heading to big tourist destinations, you could even find dining out is cheaper too, as many restaurants put up their prices during busy periods.

The weather is perfect for exploring

If baking your body in the sun all day is your kind of holiday, then a spring holiday might not be for you. However, if you are the kind of traveller who like to explore cities, trapse through traditional towns and get out into the great outdoors, spring is the perfect time to do it.

With its warmer weather, spring offered the ideal temperatures to get out and about in without getting hot and bothered. Many festivals in Europe also happen in the spring too due to the temperate weather, giving you even more to do.

Fewer crowds make it more enjoyable

With most people deciding or needing to travel during the high-summer season, you will find most destinations much quieter in the spring months. Fewer visitors make it much easier to explore destinations and you will likely find your whole holiday more enjoyable in spring.

If you are planning to visit a popular location, travelling in the spring could ensure you get to see everything you are hoping too such as large attractions like Versailles or the Colosseum.

Nature is in full bloom

As the weather begins to warm up, nature starts to put on a show. If you love to get outdoors or a particularly green fingered, a spring holiday is ideal for exploring the blossoming landscapes of seasonal climates.

From cherry blossoms and tulips to poppies and more, across the world there are flower festivals in spring.


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